Tacopocalypse + Blue Ribbon Bacon Fest=Victory!

This coming Monday night marks the beginning of the Fourth Annual Blue Ribbon Bacon Fest Bacon Week, and the kickoff event to the week of bacon pairs “the Universe’s favorite food” (Bacon) with “the Universe’s OTHER favorite food” (Tacopocalypse tacos).  Do not try to adjust your monitors, the words you are reading are no misprint!  Blue Ribbon Bacon Fest has joined salt-cured forces with Tacopocalypse to bring you, the Bacon and/or Taco Liker a Fest Feast Kickoff Event to be known throughout the land as “Bacon Fest Bacon Taco Happy Hour.” Here are the particulars.  You need to be at this event.

Bacon Fest Bacon Taco Happy Hour

When: Monday, February 21st from 5:00 pm to ???

The Menu:  A bevy of bacon-themed tacos prepared by your Taco Chef, Sam Auen (of Tacopocalypse/Cafe Di Scala “Fame”) including Korean Braised Pork Belly with Home Made Kimchi and Cilantro Pesto, BACON CHORIZO (YES, BACON CHORIZO) with a Salvadorean slaw, and a Roasted Bacon/Roasted Pepper combination taco, all served on hand-pressed corn tortillas.  There will be a variety of sauces and condiments on hand (Bacon Salsa will be one)

The Drinks:  What better way to wash down a Bacon Taco than with a Coors Banquet?  Bob of the Cumming Tap will be serving Coors and Coors light specials all night!

The Giveaway:  Two Tickets to Blue Ribbon Bacon Fest (held on Saturday, Feb 26th) will be given away during the course of this evening of Bacon Feasting.  YOU could win free admission to the Universe’s Premier Bacon Event!  That’s like a win, win, win, win situation!


Cumming Tap

117 Station Street

Cumming, IA 50061

(515) 981-5149


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