Tacopocalypse Invades The Downtown Farmers Market!

Ok, that last post was a little fontularly obnoxious.  Like screaming for screaming’s sake, but this time the corresponding level of excitement to news ratio warrants an enormous font, if only for one sentence.  Here we go.

Tacopocalypse has joined forces with Cleverly Farms to bring you your favorite (or soon-to-be-favorite) tacos to the Des Moines Downtown Farmers Market every Saturday for 26 weeks starting on May 7th!

Ok, gotta breathe…

Yes, there will be Vegan Chorizo, yes there will be Braised Pork, yes I am pretty much locked into serving the Bacon Chorizo, and for the market there will be a FOURTH secret taco every week.  And they will all still be served on the hand pressed tortillas you have become so attached to, and with the sauces, salsas, garnishes, and giant smiling beard which warm your taco liking soul. There will be more vegan options, more new taco development, and tons more radness.

More details will follow, and a few new ways to stay in the know about Tacopocalypse happenings are coming your way…until then you can follow me on twitter for more timely updates ( @vegchefdsm ).

We will see you soon!


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