The Taco Rapture Looms Near!


Yes, there is much talk from a few as-yet unreliable sources that the world will end this coming Saturday, May 21.  Whether or not this is true remains to be seen…and no one in the Tacopocalypse compound is holding their breath, because 1) We are taco powered skeptics 2) we have lots of prep to do in preparation for the Tacopocalypse 3) We would end up passing out from lack of oxygen, and possibly fall and get injured. Thats no way to run a rapture!

So, end of days or not, the tacos will still be flowing this Saturday at the Downtown Farmers Market. Look for us at 2nd &.Court Ave, on the southwest corner with our very good friends Cleverley Farms


3 thoughts on “The Taco Rapture Looms Near!

  1. Even though it is all bullshit, in my opinion, worst case scenario…less people in the way for me to get a damned taco or 5.


    Guessing you and your crew will be right there waiting for me, rapture or not. Unless I’ve totally mis-read you guys.

    And maybe the dude preaching on the 5 gallon bucket will STFU, too.

    Just my $.02.

  2. Guys, listen. My girlfriend is in love with you, almost all the way. We hit up the taco stand, had a taco of each of three flavors, and loved them…


    The tortilla is too thick! Rubbery, almost. I have no idea how to fix it, but… thinner? Coarser, less rubbery? I’m not sure.

    Personal opinion, anyway. We’d eat 5 tacos apiece if you tweaked the tortilla.

    • First off, thank you and your girlfriend for the love. I just blushed a little.

      Second, thank you for the tortilla feedback. I haven’t been 100% pleased with them since the production was increased for the Farmers Market volume. It has something to do with the consistency of the larger batches of dough and the re-heating process. I am working on solving this problem, the hand pressed tortilla is a key factor in what ids truing to be accomplished with my food.

      Again, thank you for the love and the feedback.


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