Tortilla Questions Answered

It was recently brought to my attention by a few Likers, and by my own eyes at the DTFM that our tortillas were straying away from their original goodness.  Thank you for the feedback, the problem has been fixed and our tortillas are back to their thinner, more delicate and delicious selves.  It turns out my math was a little flawed when the jump was made from making each dozen one batch at a time to batches of 300.  Whoops!  And that is why you, the Taco Likers, should never hesitate to voice your opinions when you notice something isn’t as super wicked awesomse as you would like.

That is all.  See you on Saturday.


One thought on “Tortilla Questions Answered

  1. Great news! Also, love the new changes to the blog. The font, color and everything is much better.


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