Menu-less Month Continues!

Hola, Taco Likers!  Tomorrow is a huge day with visits from visiting chefs participating in the Niman Ranch Appreciation dinner, a visit from the documentary Farmaggedon,   On top of that we have procured a new tent, so all of you Likers who have had problems finding us at the same spot we have always occupied due to the tent being replaced by an umbrella and no Tacopocalypse sign (yet it is hard to miss the aromas of our tacos, and the telltale beard of Taco Chef Sam).  Wow.  We also have some new taco additions….and we will take this opportunity to tell you a (very) little about them.


Augustember 27th Menu-ish Thing!

  • Pork Shoulder.  You know this one well.
  • Vegan Chorizo.  The other classic, a feast of spicy chorizo flavored soy and mushroom goodness.  Yes.
  • Some kind of bacon taco.  We have a ton of bacon, but have yet to decide what to do with the stuff.
  • NEW! Chorizo Verde!  This is ground pork seasoned with every legal/edible green thing we could stuff into it.  is good.
  • NEW! Pak Bulgogi! This is a Korean style chicken made with Niman Ranch Poulet Rouge free range hormone free chickens.  Amazing.

There were potentially more tacos to like, but as always time runs through the fingers of Chef Sam like ( I suppose this is an appropriate “Literally” moment) sand through an hourglass.

Ok, we have to get back to listening to Licence To Ill and making those hand pressed tortillas you all love and adore.

Until tomorrow,

Taco Pastorius


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