Tuesday Taco Tantrums Fulfilled!

Greetings, Taco Likers!  Nothing beats the cool rainy post-really-awesome-weekend-nap-time-encouraging weather like a little trip down to the Cumming Tap for some (mostly) warm friendly service by the Man Of The Tap, Bob, and some tacos from the Man Of The Taco, Chef Sam.  Picture a short jaunt by bicycle or motorized transport thingy down to an oasis of Moscow Mules, $2.50 New Belgium Fat Tire Pints (if there is any NB product left in Iowa after that crazy Urban Assault Ride), or whatever your beverage of choice may be…then you walk another scant 8 feet and there stands a bearded man (probably still espousing some excuses as to why his UAR team un-improved from 65th overall in 2010 to 180th overall in 2011) who is serving what are probably the best tacos you will every have near your Taco Liking mouths.  You are surrounded by like minded friends both present and future sharing tales of their UAR exploits, eating, drinking, and generally having the kind of time usually reserved for only the most special of moments.  This is one of those moments for you and every other Liker in the room.  I feel like I am there already…but I digress…

WHAT kind of tacos will you be liking during your Grand Taco Tap Tuesday Moments Of Grandeur?  Glad you asked.  Tacopocalypse has a brand new taco, a revisiting soon-to-be-classic, and a special salsa just for today (you are welcome, @yogagirl).

Tacopocalypse-Tap Taco Tuesday Tastings

  • Brand New Chorizo Verde!  Ground Niman Ranch pork mixed with a blend of herbs and peppers which gives a beautiful green hue and garden herb flavor.  Chorizo Verde made its debut at this past #DTFM on Saturday to accolades.  If you didn’t get a chance to check it then, now is the time.  Let us know what you think…we are considering making this a regular addition.

  • Pak Bulgogi!  The return of the Poulet Rouge chicken to our menu, this heritage breed is marinated in peppers, rice wine, tamari, and a variety of onions and garlic.  Big Time Awesome.

  • Braised Pork Shoulder.  This is the classic.  Niman Ranch pork, peppers, some other stuff.  If you have been around the Tacopocalypse for any amount of time you have at least seen this lovely, rich, dark reddish brown peppered concoction.  Think of it as Carnitas on some sort of Carnitas Performance Enhancing Stuff.  Is Good.

  • Vegan Chorizo!  It’s born of soy and mushrooms, raised on cayenne and vinegar, blanketed in tomato and our special Chorizo seasoning spice blend stuff.  Say What?

  • Zima Tomato/Serrano Pepper salsa!  I made a small batch of this sweet, spicy and slightly Cilantro-ed concotion.  it sits well atop our new Chorizo Verde, or really any taco you choose.  Limited Edition!

We will of course have our normal accoutremandes, the Jalapeno, onion, cilantro, Salsa Roja, Tomatillo Habanero Salsa, and…maybe some other things.

SOOOOO…..come visit tonight starting at 5ish and enjoy Food, Friends, Drinks, and Something Else.  Bring your stories from UAR, or your story of why you didn’t bother participating!


See You Soon!

Taco Pastorius


3 thoughts on “Tuesday Taco Tantrums Fulfilled!

  1. Tacopocalypse- I have a question for you about the Farmers’ Market. When I was looking for your booth last Saturday at the Market, the people at the Information Booth told me that they had never heard of you, and that you weren’t a real vendor? Is this correct? I mean you do seem to be there every week? Just thought you should know!

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