Tacos Are Fun, Tacos Are Serious…

Hello, Taco Likers!  It has been a while since you have seen something posted up in this taco-related piece.  Things have been pretty hectic around the T’lypse Camp, plenty of fun private events, not-so-private events, and Chef Sam’s preparations for Cyclocross Racing season.  We have a number of things to tell you, but only time to tell you ONE thing…the

The Downtown Farmers’ Market Menu and Really Long Title of Said Menu For September 24, 2011.

The Breakfast Thing is back for yet another run (ok, it’s not like it wouldn’t be back, but it sounds a little more “epic” this way).  What is the Breakfast Thing?  Glad you axed. Heh heh.  The Breakfast Thing starts off as some Chihauhau Cheese melted between two corn tortillas, then topped with scrambled Niman Ranch Cage Free/Antibiotic Free eggs, more cheese, your choice of meats from the taco menu, then topped ONCE AGAIN with our cabbage slaw.  It is a mountain of breakfast goodness.  Better than a Breakfast Burrito (those things are made with commodity meats, pre-cooked bacon, factory farmed eggs, cold tortillas, cheap “cheddar” cheese, and no love.  wouldn’t you want to treat yourself to something that treats the earth a little more like you would like to be treated.  Remember, you are what you eat…), and totally legit.  Even in the State of California.

Here is the Taco Menu:

      • Curried Pork Cheek with Lime Raita (we used to call this the “Mexican Style Tzaziki” but it was pointed out by one of you astute Taco Likers that it is more of a Raita.  Hence the name change).  This is a great dish for you spicy and/or yellow curry fans.  You will likey.

      • Vegan Chorizo.  All the flavor and spice of Chorizo, without all the animal products.  Vegan Chorizo is soy based with mushroom protein, garlic, onion, and Chef Sam’s special Chorizo Seasoning Blend.

      • Vietnamese Pork!  Niman Ranch Pork Shoulder slow cooked with Lemongrass from Cleverley Farms in Mingo, Iowa, hot peppers, and a hint of Vietnamese Fish Sauce.  Is good.

      • Bacon Chorizo.  This is the stuff that earned Chef Sam a small island nation from Juice Magazine.  It is chorizo, but made completely of Niman Ranch Applewood Smoked Bacon minced up and cooked with our special spice blend.

      • Braised  Pork.  This is our jazzed up version of the traditional Carnitas.  Slow cooked with so many things, we would probably run out of time trying to list them all.  Word.

      • Chorizo Verde!  Ground Niman Ranch Pork with roasted peppers, some not roasted peppers, herbs, and other green things.  This is one of our new favorites and is the newest mainstay of the Tacopocalypse menu.  We really love this stuff, and if you don’t already, try it.  You will probably end up sharing in our same sentiment.

There are the flavors of the week, served on our (finally un-breakable and improved) hand pressed tortillas, topped with a cabbage slaw.  We also have our Tomatillo-Habenero and RedFire Salsas, fresh onion, jalapenos, and cilantro.  Yum.

See you at the 2nd & Court Avenue Saturday morning from 7 am to noon.  Aint nothin but a Taco Party…

Taco Pastorius

*Tacopocalypse uses only Niman Ranch meats, Locally raised/sourced produce (when available), cage free eggs, and everything we make is Gluten Free.  All products are made from scratch by our staff for your enjoyment.  We support Sustainable Agriculture.  You will not have a taco experience like what you get with Tacopocalypse anywhere else in Iowa.  We guarantee it.  Nobody does it like us…


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