Non-Funny Titled Menu For 10/8/11

This is a non-entertaining version of our normal post of the menu for the Farmers Market.  It’s so boring that we even have used a smaller font.

This week we have some tacos.  These tacos will include the following tacos.

Braised pork taco.

Vegan Chorizo taco.

Korean Chicken taco.

Chorizo Verde taco.

Tofu Scramble taco.

Our brand new really exciting Fall Taco inspired (yawn) by the flavors of fall and some people who discussed the issue with us on the social media site Twitter.  This taco is the Fall Brisket with Butternut Squash/Jalapeno Roja salsa.  It’s super exciting.  Pretty sure you will never get this taco from anywhere else beside the tacopocalypse downtown farmers market taco excitement extravadanza event that is happening tomorrow.  I had one of these tacos and was all like “hey.  those farmers market people are going to be lucky to get any of this stuff because I could probably eat all 40 billion pounds of brisket” and then someone else was like “hey why don’t you just put down the brisket and write the menu for the interweb site thing.”  and this is what you get.  I never went to that person’s job and slapped the brisket out of their mouth.  anyway.

Then we have the breakfast thing.  the breakfast thing would be good with the brisket.  I want one now.  Oh, yeah.

Breakfast Thing = corntortilla awesomeness with some chihauhau cheese (no, the milking a chihauhau is not funny.  stop thinking that.  the cheese is named for the rural area of mexico from which it originates.) and some scrambled eggs and some stuff from the taco menu and some slaw and some salsa and whatever else we have for you to get down with.  is good.  better than a burrito.

So, yeah…that’s what we have for this week… you will be more excited about it when you eat than i am to write about it.  trust me.

ok, i am going to take a nap while dreaming of melba toast dipped in warm tap water.

Sleepy Gonzales.


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