Something Wasabi This Way Comes

Taco Likers, even though there are only two more DTFM’s left in the season, we are still hard at work on new items.  It’s not as if the Tacopocalypse will completely stop rolling after the end of this month, but the bulk of our new face sighting comes during the Market and we try to keep things as fresh and new as possible for the tens of thousands that roll through on a weekly basis.  Or something like that.

Our Fall Brisket taco has been quite a hit the last two weeks, but something different popped from taste buds to brain the other day when dining at a local establishment.  WHY HAVEN’T OUR TACOS FEATURED SOME KIND OF WASABI PASTE THING?  After spending some time as a sushi person, wasabi lost a little of its lustre, but it is time to bring it back.  This week we have a new taco, a Gingered Brisket with Wasabi Crema and Pickled Daikon.  We have tried a few, and you should be warned that this new taco is pretty addictive.  But what else do we have for tomorrow?  Here it is:

Next-To-Last DTFM Menu

  • Braised Pork

  • Vegan Chorizo

  • Korean Chicken w/Kimchee

  • Bacon Chorizo

  • Gingered Brisket w/Wasabi Crema and Pickled Daikon

  • Tofu Scramble

We will also have on hand some cumin spiced Breakfast Potatoes that can be added to your Breakfast Thing for a small upcharge.  These were a big hit at last week’s Des Moines Marathon, and we are sorry that we have been so anti-tater up until this point.  If our friend Jarad is lucky, we may even fry up some peppers for the potatoes.

We will see you tomorrow, and remember to dress warm.  It’s going to start off a little chilly, but we have the food goods to warm you up. (and the first people to dine with us at the market will be treated to complimentary coffee this week.  Offer good until the coffee is gone! This coffee deal is out of our appreciation for those of you who rise early and brave the cold with us to share in some taco goodness, and also to justify Chef Sam’s purchase of what was going to end up being his own personal air pot.)

Taco Pastorius


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