Let The Voting Begin!

Taco Lovers gather round your internetular enabled surf devices and prepare to get voting!  We know you have all been sitting on the edge of whatever it is you have chosen to plant your taco loving buttock onto waiting for this huge announcement.  Wait no further (or should it be longer?).  Here are your THREE semi-finalist tacos for which you will be voting on whether or not they will be the taco which will be served this weekend at our last installment of this years DTFM.     (Translation: You have three days to vote for one of these tacos, then the winner will be served on October 29th at our stand at the Des Moines Downtown Farmers’ Market.) (I know we said 4, but only three were really worthy)

Here are your candidates:

    1. The Firestarter: Fire-roasted Jalapeno peppers stuffed with a Bacon Chorizo and Pepperjack cheese mixture, topped with our slaw and salsas.  (bonus points from us for including bacon chorizo)

    2. The Phish Taco: A Vegan mixture comprised of half mushrooms, half brightly colored veggies such as roasted beets, carrots, and some fun heirloom tomatoes.  Add to this either the wonderful sea vegetable Dulse (for an actual sea flavor) or a Spicy Smoked Paprika Terriyaki type sauce.  As our submitting Liker states, “that would taste awesome when you are [hunger enhanced]. Bonus points for tie-dyed tortillas. “Farmhouse” on repeat while consuming will complete the sophomore year of college experience for all of us.”  (sounds great, but do we really have to play Phish at the stand?)

    3. Rueben Blades:  Spicy Corned Beef, a roasted pepper “1000 Island” sauce, and sauerkraut mixed with thinly sliced serrano peppers make for a very spicy reuben.  It was also suggested that we throw in some ground, roasted caraway seed to the tortilla mix to give it that “rye bread” taste.  (We are sure that this would taste as great as the name is witty)

Here is where you get to vote.  You can vote as many times as you like, we don’t care.  If there is something you really want, why should we at Tacopocalypse do something to stand in your path to tacular glory?  Voting stops at Midnight, October 27 (that is Thursday night for those of you who may be hunger enhanced while reading this).  Friday morning the winner will be announced, and Saturday morning you will have your chance to gather around 2nd and Court to taste the victory.  Oh, we should probably post the voting thing so you can vote.  Hold on.


Happy voting! If you can’t see the actual voting box, click on the link.  Thankfully we are better at cooking than HTML. You hold the future in your hands!

Taco Pastorius

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