Vacationary Tacopocalypse Blowout!

Those of you who have had the luck to make it down to the Cumming Tap on Tuesdays know what to expect, Bob is slinging drinks and having fun, Sam is slinging tacos and having fun, and YOU are having fun while drinks and tacos are being slung in your exact direction.  You may have ridden your bike down the Great Western Trail (which used to be the plain old Western Trail until you all made it Great), you may have seated yourself in a motorized vehicle for the trip, but you got there and got what you deserved.  A FUN TIME.  Tonight will be no different.  Bring yourself and a friend(s) down to the Tap tonight and share your stories from this weekend’s cycling/running madness (Living History Farms Run, Survivor Cross, Cranksgiving, Tour De Lights) and grab some cold refreshments and some of your favorite tacos.  Tonight we are also celebrating Chef Sam’s vacation after a wild year of Tacopocalypse!  It has been a fun time, but the Bearded One needs to do a little travelling for the week (don’t fret, we will be back in time for next Tuesday’s taco madness).

( This is a link to the Gogo’s “Vacation” I couldn’t embed the video here)

So, what do we have for this evening?  Vegan Chorizo, Braised Pork, Korean Chicken (yes, we have run this chicken for about two months now, but we personally like eating it.  And no one else has complained), and a fourth surprise taco.  We had originally promised Vietnamese Pork, but it doesn’t look like that is going to happen now.  Whoops, all apologies.  We will also have the usual slaw, salsas, fresh jalapenos, cilantro, onion, and a bunch of smarty pants responses to your valid taco questions.

We will see you tonight.  Until then, we leave you with this:

No matter how much her mother pleaded, Lisa wouldn’t leave her pet taco home…even on class picture day.

Taco Pastorius.


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