Happy New Year Tacos Tonight!

Taco Lovers!  It is the first Tacopocalypse of 2012 (Happy New Year)!  2011 was a great year for us, and our first full year serving your favorite tacos.  We have some kinda big plans for 2012, and would love to have you all along for the ride. Tonight we have three big classics, the Braised Pork, Bacon Chorizo and Vegan Chorizo all served on our freshly pressed corn tortillas and served with our green or red salsa, fresh slaw, and veggies.

Please join us for this New Year/Caucus Night taco extravadanza and hear some vacation stories from that guy with the beard who makes the tacos.  We would love to see you, don’t make us have to hunt you down and make you eat tacos!

Happy New Year again, and we will see you tonight!

Taco Pastorius


3 thoughts on “Happy New Year Tacos Tonight!

  1. First, its harsh anti against Caucus people, followed by threats of no tacos this winter at all.
    ….no thanks

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