Spring Time Taco Weather Tomorrow!

Taco Lovers, the chef has healed enough to produce your favorite tacos!  And just in time, as it is projected to be 62 F-ing degrees tomorrow!!!!  Glorious weather for a bike ride down to see me and Bob at the Cumming Tap.  We will be starting at 3 for any of you early birds whom want to get down with some late lunch after a good ride south.  We will be serving Vegan Chorizo, Braised Pork, Bacon Chorizo, and one other that has yet to be named.  Bob will be slinging $2.50 pints of Fat Tire (yum) and the best Moscow Mules this side of…um…Moscow!  Come down for some food, drinks, and fun…and to hear me repeat the story of how I messed up my ribs a thousand times (or you can just read it here). 

We will see you tomorrow, and look forward to a bright shiny awesome Tacopocalypse Tuesday!

Taco Pastorius


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