Tacopocalypse Wednesday Friendsday!

It must be Wednesday, y'all!

We would like to introduce a new weekly Wednesday feature for your pleasure-filled perusal, a little ditty to be referred to from now until the regular-type-apocalypse as WEDNESDAY FRIENDSDAY.  This is a place for you to read about the Tacopocalypse staff’s favorite stuff from our local (and sometimes far away) friends.  We would like to lead off this series with a short shout out to a few local DSM people/businesses that we dig.  In  the future we will be focusing more on one business at a time, but this time we just couldn’t decided!  So many friends!

  • Rasmussen Bike Shop – This is the shop that keeps the Tacopocalypse rolling.  Visit Greg and his staff for pro service, bike fitting service, a wide selection of bikes (including our favorite brand Salsa), and maybe stop in just to chat sometime.  Follow them on Twitter @RassysBikes for up to the minute deals, specials, product announcement, and words to encourage you to ride your damn bike.
  • Dwolla – We love Dwolla, the brain child of Ben Milne, an ever-growing electronic payment system which utilizes your smart phone (or in my case phone of average intelligence) to instantly transfer money between individuals, and for only a quarter per transaction (or free if you send $10 or less).  Dwolla has been perking up the ears of the financial industry while showing we the people that you don’t have to bow down to the money leaching big credit card companies.  We have been accepting Dwolla for almost a year now, and can attest to its convenience and ease of use.  Thank you to Ben and his peeps for not only bringing us this great new alternative to credit cards, but also for keeping it local. Thank you for being a part of our city!
  • Cafe Di Scala – I personally love Di Scala.  I just tried to write a small blurb about them and got choked up every time.  It’s really love.  Tony Lemmo and Phil Shires rock, and the rest of the staff is like family.  Great Calabrian food served in an amazing atmosphere.  This is my favorite date spot, and if you haven’t been there then you are missing out.  Big time.  Their motto should be “Come for the food, leave in the mood” because it’s truth!

These are some friends and favorites of ours, don’t take our recommendations lightly.  All three are fine businesses and have been partially responsible for our success over the last year.  Thank you!

Okay, that’s the first installment of Weds Friends.  Now get out there and visit your favorite local spots!

Taco Pastorius



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