Wednesday Friendsday! Bikes!

Hello, Taco Lovers.  Apologies for the late WF post today, but we were out spending time on the object of our focus today.  We were out riding bikes.  Can bikes be friends?  Bikes are the best friends.  They get you places, they help you stay healthy, if you don’t buy them tacos they don’t get upset, sounds like my kind of friend.

We here at Tacopocalypse are all about riding bikes, in fact most of the people who “work” within the organization are pretty serious about cycling.  We wouldn’t be here without cycling, most of our events are based around some sort of bike destination like the Flat Tire Lounge or the Cumming Tap.  We have also made some great human friends while on our bikes, and the friends you make on bikes are the kind of friends you want to keep around forever.

Wednesday Friendsday way back when.

There is a great web site run by our good friend Scott Sumpter called  This is a great place to visit to keep up to date on local bike rides, news, and to find out where to make new biking friends.

We Love Bikes, We Love Biking People.  Now get out there and ride your bike, or get yourself a bike if you don’t have one already.  It will change your life.

Taco Pastorius


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