First Downtown Farmers’ Market Cinco De Tacopocalypse!!!!

Special Note: Our location has changed slightly from our spot last year, we are still at 2nd and Court Avenue, but we are on the west side of 2nd Street south of Court Ave. It’s just around the corner from our spot last year. Don’t be alarmed, you will still be able to smell what we are cooking!

(we were thinking about Cinco De Mayo and decided to do a Taco-themed thing for the market for the holiday.  We hope you enjoy this non-departure from our normal offerings)


bREAFAST tHING ($7): The Breakfast Thing is the “Burrito Killer.” You probably are/were fans of certain long, round breakfast items now/at one time, but get enlightened.  The BT is Two corn tortillas grilled with Chihauhau cheese, then topped with eggs, more cheese, WHATEVER TACO FLAVOR YOU CHOOSE, and our Slaw.  It has made some very loyal fans, and for good reason: our Thing is totally legit, no pre-cooked bacon or non-legit items like that.  

Vegan Chorizo Breakfast Thing.

tACOS 1/$3, 2/$5): Our tacos are served on home made corn tortillas, topped with slaw, and are beyond being the best tacos you can get at the Market, they are the best you can get in town…maybe Iowa or even the entire Midwest (we were named #2 taco in DSM last year). But I have a feeling if you are reading this that you already know.  What flavors you ask?

Taco Flavors For 5.5

  • Braised Pork w/Classic Slaw

  • Korean Chicken (Pak Bulgogi) w/ Spicy Slaw and Spicy Mayo

  • Bacon Chorizo w/Classic Slaw

  • Wasabi Brisket – Ginger braised brisket topped with Wasabi Crema and Classic Slaw

  • Vegan Chorizo w/Classic Slaw

  • Potato Poblano w/ Adobo Crema and Spicy Slaw – our new vegetarian offering that has become a staple with a quickness.

Tacos, just in time for Cinco De Mayo


Side of Poblano Potatoes ($2) served with a little Adobo Crema on the side.

Bottled Water ($1) we plan on expanding our drink selection next week, if you have any requests we are listening.

We also have our Roja and Habanero/Tomatillo Salsas and fresh chopped jalapenos, onion, and cilantro.

And we will be bringing knives for you taco cutters.

I have to get back to work!  See you at 2nd and Court avenue from 7 am to noon tomorrow!

Taco Pastorius



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