Tonight: Our First Ever Fish Taco. Excite.

Attention Toca…wait…TACO Lovers:

Tonight we are serving our first ever Tacopocalypse Fish Taco. There is no clever name for it, it’s just a fish taco.  Well, it’s not just a fish taco, I will explain.

From the dawn of Our Time Of Tacos (aka, the beginning of Tacopocalypse) people have been asking for one thing. A Fish Taco. I have always quick to shoot down such requests, but the time has finally come.  Our new spot AKA Project Bullhorn will be serving a fish taco (it will differ quite a bit from tonight’s fish taco though), and it is time for me to stop nay-saying.

Tonight’s Fish Taco:

Seasoned Grilled Tilapia topped with Adobo Crema and our lovely Spicy Slaw.

This guy is hoping there are some leftovers. He loves fish tacos.

Also we will have Korean Chicken, Braised Pork, and Vegan Chorizo along for the ride. Maybe even some bacon. I don’t know yet…anything is possible between now and 3pm. See you tonight at the Cumming Tap.

Taco Pastorius.



3 thoughts on “Tonight: Our First Ever Fish Taco. Excite.

  1. That is a great photo. I am surprised my wife doesn’t have one of those to torture our cats with.

    Anymore news on “Project Bullhorn”?

    Been driving around town, haven’t happened to see a bike or an empty bottle of Fireball near any obviously transitioning restaurant sites.

    • I will finally announce the location soon. Not sure on opening date, but I have the keys to the castle and am still working on the kitchen. It’s going to be some good stuff. I think everyone will appreciate.

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