Due to some funny communication, we are having our grand opening at the BOMBAY BICYCLE CLUB right now. We are just doing tacos, we are waiting for our fryer to get hooked up so that we will be able to freshly fry chips for nachos and sesame crackers for ceviche. BUT WE HAVE SOME PRETTY GOOD TACO SELECTION ACTION GOING ON RIGHT ABOUT NOW.

-Braised Pork
-Beef Cheek
-Korean Chicken
-Wasabi Brisket
-Poblano Potato
-Vegan Chorizo

and if you are feeling up to it, you can ask about our fish tacos. We have two varieties which aren’t on tonight’s menu, but if you speak up I will be more than happy to prepare for you our SEARED AHI TUNA/WASABI TACO or maybe our GRILLED TILAPIA W/ADOBO CREMA AND SPICY SLAW TACO is what you want.

Again, we only have tacos tonight, but that isn’t disappointing news…because our tacos aren’t disappointing. Except for that one time.

We will be taking tomorrow off at the BBC to serve only at the Cumming Tap, then Wednesday we will be kicking in full menu style at BBC from here on out. I look forward to seeing you all out here in Clive. It’s very excite!

Taco Pastorius.


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