Friday Lunchpocalypse Partygeddon!

Tomorrow is our second Friday Lunch Party Celebration at the Bombay Bicycle Club!  “What the crap is a FLPC at the BBC,” you ask?  Let me explaining to that you.

Friday Lunch Party Celebration is a Celebration Party of both Lunch and Friday which starts at 11 am and ends at 11 pm. (I know, that’s a really long lunch.) From 11 to 4 you can enjoy our regular menu PLUS our lunch special and soup (and more to come in the future, I am still working on some fun stuff which you will be able to test with your mouths before they hit a regular menu).  IN ADDITION TO THAT BOMBAY BICYCLE CLUB BAR HAS HAPPY HOUR FROM 11 am UNTIL 7 pm.  That means $2.50 Domestic beers and well drinks during your “Power Lunch” to go along with the best tacos and more in the DSM Metro.  Hmmm.  Do we have to do a “but wait, there’s more” thing now?  I didn’t think so. If you are in the area and you aren’t eating Tacopocalypse/BBC for lunch for um…lunch…then you are doing yourself a great disservice.

You want to know the menu?  Probably a good idea.


  • Braised Pork
  • Wasabi Brisket
  • Korean Chicken
  • Bacon Chorizo
  • Seared Ahi Tuna w/Wasabi
  • Grilled Tilapia
  • Vegan Chorizo
  • Potato Poblano (vegetarian)

and our special flavors this week:

  • Bahn Mi taco (Spicy Pork Loin with pickled daikon and carrot, fresh cilantro, jalapeño, and spicy mayo
  • Curried Lengua – Slow cooked beef tongue served with a lime and cilantro Raita (a yogurt based sauce with roots both in India and Mexico)


We start with fresh fried corn chips, then top them with our Smoked Monterey Sauce, then with the taco flavor of you choosing and the corresponding slaw to whichever taco flavor of your choice that you choose. We include sour cream and house made Guacamole on the side.

Note: You will most likely only want to eat our nachos after trying them for the first time.  That has been the reaction of almost every human person that has made the Nachopocalypse plunge so far.

Note 2: Whatever taco flavor you order, that’s how your nachos get dressed up.  Wasabi brisket gets Wasabi Crema and Slaw, Korean Chicken gets Spicy Mayo and Spicy Slaw. You get the picture?

Soup Of The Friday:

I don’t even know yet. You will find out when you get here…but last week we had the WORLD’S GREATEST POZOLE.  It was okay.

Lunch Special:

This week we have a special lunch special…one that is slated to take its place on our regular menu, it goes by the name of

SPICY HUARACHE– At the base is an elongated, sandal shaped Sopa topped with House Made Spicy Refried Pintos, then a Spicy Red Beef, Onions, Spicy Slaw, a side of Lime Sour Cream, and Cilantro.  I had one today. It’s pretty darn good.

So join us for lunch from 11 to 4, then dinner from 4 to 11.  Kitchen is open all day, Happy Hour from 11 to 7.

Bring the party.  FLPC is Important.

Taco Pastorius


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