Fall Harvest Bounty Prix Fixe Dinner Menu

This 6 Course menu was designed to bring out the best of fall flavors using the freshest local produce available from great producers, such as Cleverley Farms. We look forward to seeing you tonight. It’s going to be a delicious time.

Sam & the Tacopocalypse Crew

First Course:

Fried Green Tomato with Roasted Red Pepper Coulis, Preserved Lemon Ricotta and Arugula.

Second Course:

Charred Red Tropea Onion, Cornbread, Masa Crisp and French Onion “Dip”.

Third Course:

Pomme Dauphinoise, Carrot Emulsion, Pickled Carrot and Fennel Fronds.

Fourth Course:

Nicoise Salad, Haricot Vert, Shaved Fennel, Wild Mexican Tomato and Potato Crisp.

Fifth Course:

Wild Rice Blini, Gochuchang Marinated Sprouting Broccoli and Sriracha Hollandaise.


Cleverly Farms Heirloom Melon, Fennel Ice Cream and Short Break Cookie.


Fall Harvest Bounty Dinner Prix Fixe!

Good morning, Taco Lovers. In 8 short days (9/24/2014) we will be hosting a Fall Harvest Bounty Dinner here at 407 East 5th street in lovely Des Moines, Iowa. The dinner is $65 for 6+courses (there’s definitely a killer dessert and possible course from our soon to open sister restaurant, Krunkwich), and the menu will be focused entirely on the freshest local produce available from great producers such as Cleverley Farms. That’s right, it’s vegetarian, but don’t worry (as if there is a cause for alarm), we will be offering a meat option for the main course. Although we currently don’t have plans for physical tickets, the dinner is available on a limited pre-sale basis at Tikly.co, with no service charge to you, OR at the restaurant (407 East 5th Street, Des Moines).

We look forward to seeing you at the dinner. It’s going to be a great adventure.


Tonight! No Cumming Tap, Only East Village

Folks, the GWT (Great Western Trail) is closed this week at the Old Army Post Road underpass, so that the dirt berm can be laid over top the new tunnel which was recently built. Although they have advertised that there is “no alternate route,” there are a few, but we are going to take this night off to do some work on our upcoming new menu and KRUNKWICH RAMEN HOUSE things and stuff. You can still get tacos in the glorious East Village until 10pm tonight, and we will definitely be back in the swing of things at the Tap next Tuesday.

Taco-ly Yours,
Taco Pastorius

ISF Pre-Game With Tacopocaylpse!

The Iowa State Fair is chugging forth through the month of August with its reign of fried-ness, and we here at the ‘Lypse are pretty stoked to get down with some fried anything, once we get a few moments away from making the tacos. It’s a time when many people come to our city to see the ISF sights and get them some Iowa sun and fun. IT’S ALSO A GREAT TIME TO GET DOWN WITH SOME TACOPOCALYPSE. We have been described as the “next big thing” in DSM, as a “upcoming food landmark,” and we would love to see you and your posse come through to experience what has earned us those accolades. We have a great selection of unorthodox tacos served on hand made corn tortillas, an equally unorthodox burrito menu, including a Burrito Of The Day, nachos, quesadilla, and a solid selection of vegan and vegetarian choices.

Why not stop by on the way to the ISF shuttle, a very convenient 3 blocks from our restaurant, and do a little “pre-game” eating warm up with our hand crafted foods? We are also open until 3am on Friday and Saturday nights for your post-fair munchies (if by some chance you didn’t get enough while at the fair).

Remember folks, Tacos=$, Pizza=$$, Fair Food=$$$$

You Scream For Our Ice Cream

Our team here at the Tacopocalypse Compound has been making many different ice cream flavors for your dining pleasure over the past almost-year. Every flavor has been well received, even the more difficult to imagine combinations.

This is what they have on the Ice Cream Menu for you this weekend:

-Lemon Thyme
-Coconut Strawberry (Vegan)
-Sriracha – Spicy and sweet, with a hint of “huh?”
-Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Bacon – Like the breakfast you dreamed of as a kid.
-Brown Butter Thyme
-Vanilla (yeah, just plain vanilla… probably our most shocking flavor)
-Tomato Basil – a sweet basil ice cream made with basil from our own herb garden, swirled with a tart tomato jam.

All of our ice cream is hand made in store using fresh ingredients (our herbs come from “Tacopocalypse Farm”), and come in 6 ounce portions at $2 per cup.

Pre-Valentine’s Day Prix Fixe Dinner!!!

Pre-Valentine’s Day Prix Fixe Dinner!!!

Tacopocalypse Pre-Valentine’s Day Dinner


On February 13th, 2014, Tacopocalypse will be hosting a special pre-Valentine’s Day dinner at their East Village location (621 Des Moines Street).  A six  course menu will be offered,  with dishes again offering culture crossing technique, flavors, and presentation.  A separate Vegan/vegetarian coursed meal will also be offered .  No corkage fee will be charged for BYOB, and a complimentary champagne toast will be offered at the end of the meal.  Seating is limited to 20 couples and is priced at $65 per guest. Tickets must be purchased in advance, and are available at the Tacopocalypse store front or through Tikly.com.  Doors open at 6:15, dinner begins promptly at 7.


Tacopocalypse Volunteer Organizing!

Tacopocalypse Volunteer Organizing!

After being overwhelmed by kindness, generosity, and holiday spirit…and questions on how people can get involved with our efforts to help our fellow human kind, we have taken the step to start our own organization page at VolunteerSpot.com.  You don’t have to sign up for an account there, just go to our page and sign up via your email for any event we have listed that you would like to attend.  It’s just that simple.  Currently we have our 2014 Thanksgiving dinner listed as our first event, check back for more events to be listed.  Thank you for all of your caring donations which put so many smiles on so many faces this Thanksgiving!  We hope to see your giving spirit throughout the year!  


aka Taco Pastorius