Tacopocalypse In Metromix/Juice…

Look for us in this week’s Juice and online at Metromix where Erin Randolph reviews our first ever night at the Bombay Bicycle Club.  It was a fun night of live music and a “sneak preview” of what we have going on, and also an exercise in something which I can’t remember…but…

So…we were selected for the 2 for $20 series (totally appropriate), it seems that Erin and her dining guests enjoyed themselves.  We aren’t totally surprised, the atmosphere here is pretty conducive to having both tacos and a good time.  The only minor issue was the expected spice level of our Wasabi Crema, which was not as “bitey” as umm…expected.  This brought up quite a debate about our spice levels in the T’lypse Kitchen today, AND WE DEVISED A SOLUTION PLAN THING!!!!!

(Before we go any further I would like to say I am in no way making fun of or attempting to antagonize anyone involved in said party, only pointing out a solution to a problem which we have encountered like two times)

If you would like your Wasabi Brisket to really KICK YOUR SPICE PANTS, then ask us (or your server) and we will give you a small amount of Wasabi Paste along with your tacos and you can up the spice as high as you want/can take it.  Just ask for EXTRA WASABI! (I am seriously serious here, this is not in any way being smarty pantsy) We would love to see the more adventurous of you get down with more Wasabi than you really need.

I was looking for a good wasabi picture and somehow this shirt came up. So this is what you get. TREX SAYS “MORE WASABI, PLEASE!” “AND NO MORE PUSH-UPS”

I would also like to point out that our beloved Bacon Chorizo is not just TWO MEATS COMBINED, but it is actually made of only bacon and spiced with my own Chorizo Spice blend.  So it is at once two meat concepts combined but one singular meat.  I am sure that I just read the sentence wrong, but I wanted to clarify as there are a few placed that make “Bacon Chorizo” but there is only one TACOPOCALYPSE BACON CHORIZO, which is a far superior product. At least we (and hundreds of others) like to think so.

So, yeah…read Ms. Randoph’s article then come see us.  We have a lot more going on than just tacos now.  You should probably try it out now before this place becomes another place you have to wait in long arduous lines to receive your Tacpocafix.

8410 Hickman, Clive.  Monday Through Saturday 5 to 11 pm, with a special FRIDAY LUNCH starting at 11 am EVERY FRIDAY. There are a few things on the lunch menu that you can only get on Fridays, which you should try sometime…like this Friday…

Taco Pastorius