Super Patriotic July 3rd Tacopocalypse Tuesday Insanity

Tomorrow night is July Fourth Eve, which will most likely go down in history as one of 2012’s most exciting and completely awesomest/rad to the extreme holiday for partaking in Tacos and Refreshments and a bike ride to the Cumming Tap.  Okay, here’s the situation:

It’s a Tuesday night, you don’t have to work on Wednesday.  Why?  Because it’s the celebration of the birth of our nation, and nothing says America like sitting around eating a bunch of food and sharing libations with your fellow inhabitants of this country while recovering from a crazy Tuesday night of bike riding, tacos, and whatever else you can gather into your corner during your stay at the Cumming Tap and the ride on the Great Western Trail (you know, they don’t call it great for nothing).

What will you be eating?  Let us reveal the super not secret menu….

  • Braised Pork
  • Vegan Chorizo
  • Korean Chicken
  • Bacon Chorizo
  • Potato Poblano
  • Beef Cheek

There may be some other surprises, not quite sure yet.  We are fairly ahead of the game today and may have some extra time to pack some fun stuff along tomorrow.  We ARE bringing enough taco supplies for over 1,000 tacos.  If we sell out of all of this stuff… I think the taco staff will need a raise.

We all look forward to seeing you tomorrow night, come celebrate our Nation’s Birthday, and if you stay late enough I will be riding back to town by bicycle…come ride with me…

Taco Pastorius


Today Is The Big Day!

Well, Taco Lovers, the day has finally arrived.  We here at the Tacopocalypse HQ were just reminiscing about the old days when we were just doing this to have fun and didn’t think it would ever really amount to anything.  There was just a great desire to ride our bikes, serve some great tacos, and ride our bikes some more.  We thought things like “maybe someday we will have a taco truck or a food cart somewhere.”  We were (sort of) dreamers. The kind that Ronnie James Dio sang about, but without all that dragon stuff.  Not that we don’t like dragon stuff. um…

We are no longer the same sort of dreamers.  We bypassed what we had wished for in the beginning and went straight to having a “brick and mortar” spot to serve our Almost-Famous tacos.  We have an actual kitchen with a real line with actual stations and the ability to do whatever we want with the menu (except stop making tacos).  This is far beyond the original plan.  Way beyond.  Like real job kinda beyond.  And we are breaking records every week at the Downtown Farmers Market and Cumming Tap.  And from the sounds of things, we are doing a good enough job to keep you all coming back to see what else we can do. I love it. You won’t find many folks smiling at the end of 18 hours of kitchen work, but that’s the pot of gold you will find on my face at the end of  my rainbow of a work day.

Why am I smiling?  Because at the end of every long day I know that my efforts and the efforts of my team are making other people happy.  When it comes down to it we aren’t in it for the money or the recognition, we are in this to make people happy and to have a good time while doing so.

so far so good.

I guess this is the part where I tell you that I look forward to seeing you all at our mobile spots, but take a trip out to Clive to our new digs at the Bombay Bicycle Club and check out what I have been working on for your mouths. (it might be the only rock  bar in the midwest where you can get Ceviche) There are a lot of new things going on out here, and we are constantly evolving…which is why our first two menus were just written on the backs of old show posters.  Printing menus seems to final and not very fun at all.  I will be posting a new page here on specifically for the BBC menu, but will be blogging about what special things we have going on as they roll out of our kitchen.

Where is this place?  8410 Hickman Avenue in Clive.  Live music, great beer selection (they even sell my favorite beer, 40’s of Old English 800), and a top notch chef-driven menu of Latin and Asian foods.  And Tacos.  You seem to love what we have going on everywhere else, take it to the next level.  BUT WE DON’T WANT YOU TO PUT A RING ON IT JUST YET.

Taco Pastorius

Project Bullhorn Announced, Doesn’t Make

Oh Shiznitz. During all of the excitement of yesterday’s big announcement and getting ready for/going to/serving at the Flat Tire Lounge, SOMEBODY FORGOT TO POST THE PRESS RELEASE FOR OUR BIG F+%KING NEWS THING! That was me. Sorry, so here is the news that you couldn’t get here yesterday, although the rest of the world saw it on tens of other internnnnnat outlets.

AND HERE’S OUR HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT!!! The following is the press release we just dropped. Sam Auen from TACOPOCALYPSE has joined forces with BBC. Read on…

BOMBAY BICYCLE CLUB TO BLOW YOUR MIND WITH TACOPOCALYPSEBombay Bicycle Club, a live music bar in Clive, is proud to announce a holy alliance with Sam Auen, the Chef and CEO of Tacopocalypse. BBC will be the new permanent home for Tacopocalypse. Chef Sam will offer his famous farmer’s market grade tacos at Bombay Bicycle Club starting Monday, June 4th. Tacos will be available from 4pm-11pm, Monday through Saturday.

“We’re thrilled to join forces with TACOPOCALPYSE,” said Bombay Bicycle Club co-owner Jeremy Mahler. “Sam has a great cult following and it’s going to be fun to have his skills in our kitchen.”TACOPOCALYPSE features gourmet tacos which include Thai Cviche, vegan chorizo, Korean chicken, wasabi brisket, braised pork and seared ahi tuni tacos. Auen sources the vast majority of his ingredients from local farms including Mingo’s Cleverley Farms and meat from local, sustainable farmers. In addition to regular menu items, Chef Auen says he will offer weekly specials that will range from tomales to unique nachos to Asian/Mexican fusion dishes. All the Tacopocalypse shells are freshly made organic corn pressed tortillas.

TACOPOCALYPSE fans also reacted to the news.“I eat Sam’s tacos to gain the strength of 100 unicorns,” said Chuck Norris.

“HULK SMASH TACO,” added Dr. Bruce Banner.Founded in 2010, Bombay Bicycle Club is located at 8410 Hickman Road in Clive. BBC has hosted hundreds of bands on its stage and continues to host some of the Metro area’s best live music from rock to hip hop to reggae to bluegrass. They have over 30 beers on tap.

this is it.

So there you have it, this means you will be able to enjoy Tacopocalypse SIX DAYS A WEEK.  This will include Monday Thru Saturday dinner service from 4 to 11, a special weekly FRIDAY LUNCH (think Sunday funday on Friday) and other special events. WE WILL ALSO BE AT ALL OF OUR MOBILE EVENTS INCLUDING Tacopocalypse Tuesdays at Cumming Tap, Thursday Night Flat Tire Lounge Tacopocalypse, the AMAZING DOWNTOWN FARMERS MARKET on Saturdays, 80/35, Winefest, and Ankeny Unplugged among others.

I think that you will be very pleased with our new digs and our new food offerings.  It’s going to be a good time. We will see you there.

Taco Pastorius.


Downtown Mini Market Tomorrow!

Taco Lovers, Produce Lovers, all people who love the combination of Cleverley Farms and Tacopocalypse!  Tomorrow is a great day for you all!  Larry Cleverley and I will be hosting a ‘Mini-Market” pop-up thing in front of the Royal Mile on historic 4th street in Downtown Des Moines from 10 am to 2 pm Saturday.  You can get some great produce straight from your favorite farmer’s hands and the Tacopocalypse goodness you have grown to love (tacos AND Breakfast Things, AND our new Market Potatoes!), which will also include some of Larry’s amazing produce.  It’s going to be a real Champagne Jam!

Obligatory David Lee Roth Pic Means Business. Party Business.

Also, those of you who were wondering if we were still participating due to our exclusion from the wonderful Des Moines Register’s announcement.  We are definitely in, even though the Curmudgeon Formerly Known As The Datebook Diner chose to “overlook” us.

So…Join Tacopocalypse and Cleverley Farms for some wild Saturday fun.  10-2, 4th Street. DSM

Taco Pastorius.

Tacopocalypse/Aj’s Sunday Funday Brunchpocalypse Menu!

Taco and Brunch lovers, prepare for this Sunday when your two favorite things are driven full force at each other in a crazy game of “Chicken” resulting in a wicked crashing together of terms which will end up forming into ONE TERM which will be standing on the side of the road thumbing for a ride into your bellies.  BRUNCHPOCALYPSE is upon us….er…you?

(Translation: we are serving brunch this coming Sunday at AJ’s On East Court at E 4th and Court Avenue.  Aj’s has been kind enough to host a brunch event so that you, the taco and Sunday funday lovers out there enjoy both.  This is our first brunch, and if you all like it this time, it will most likely become a regular event.  You dig?)

The beer cooler at AJ's, they serve 80+ flavors of beer, including the Chef's Choice, PBR Talls.

I have been meaning to get a menu posted for this weekend, but have been running into snag after snag.  Today is no different.  We had a little incident of Van-dalism which has caused a few problems today, but here is the basic “gist” of what will be served up on Sunday:

AJ’s will be serving up killer Bloody Mary and Mimosas (I have heard that they are going to be XXL) and have a $1.50 domestic bottle special that is going all day.  That means during brunch also.

Tacopocalypse tacos served on hand-made corn tortillas and topped with our signature slaw flavors include:

  • Braised Pork – our take on the classic carnitas.  We have been told it is “waaaaay better” than carnitas.
  • Vegan Chorizo – Tacopocalypse Vegan Chorizo is very traditional-tasting blend of soy, spices, and vegetables.  But “waaaay better”
  • Wasabi Brisket – I had some other ideas, but the WB is so popular that I was practically threatened into serving it at brunch.
  • Spiced Tofu Scramble – Get your tofu scramble from the guy who was the first to put tofu scramble on Des Moines menus.  Still the best.  
  • Bacon Chorizo – It’s a morning thing, so we were like “duh, bacon chorizo”  I know, good description.  Chorizo made from only bacon.
  • Korean Chicken – with spicy mayo and kimchi….um…yummm.
  • Potato and Pepper – cumin dusted roast potatoes with peppers and onions….maybe even get some egg up on there…

AND WE WILL BE SERVING THE BREAKFAST THING!  Two corn tortillas sandwiched around melted Chihuahua cheese topped with eggs, more cheese, your choice of taco toppings, and slaw!  I was once told by a person after trying their first BREAKFAST THING “why didn’t you make me eat one of these before?  Dammit!” and hit me on the arm.  I guess that means it is good. er.

Vegan chorizo Breakfast Thing

We have also promised a few new items, but we are going to be leaving that for a Saturday announcement.  The details have not been worked out quite yet due to…things.  (like fixing slashed tires)


Sunday, March 11.  11am to 3pm

AJ’s On East Court, 419 East Court Avenue

Des Moines, Iowa 50309

Taco Pastorius

Think About This During Your Weekend

Taco Likers!  We have been absent from the taco scene for a few weeks, dealing with this and that and the other thing.  To make up for this grave inconvenience visited upon your taco liking selves we have TWO events coming up next week, and we are planning on showing up for BOTH DAYS! YAY!

Tuesday, January 31

It’s the last of the month and time for Tacopocalypse Tuesday at the Cumming Tap in bustling Cumming, Iowa.  We will be starting up the taco service at 3:00 pm and going until 9 or 10 or whenever Bob and I get tired of having fun with you.  Tacos are still 2 for $5, and Fat Tire Pints are $2.50.  What are we serving?  I hear rumors that we will be serving Braised Pork, Vegan Chorizo, Chorizo Verde, and Wasabi Brisket.  That hasn’t been confirmed, but you can almost bank on it…

Thursday, February 2

Thursday night we will be at the Flat Tire Lounge in lovely Madrid, Iowa serving up our hand pressed tortilla-hugged taco fillings and scratch made salsas and slaw and the other stuff.  They will be serving up $7 pitchers of Fat Tire (!) along side our tacos.  What’s the Menu? We aren’t telling yet, there are a few surprises in store…maybe a new item we are testing our for the Downtown Farmers’ Market…stay tuned.

There are two things to consider putting on your calendar for next week while you are enjoying your weekend.  We would love to see you (and you know who you are)

Taco Pastorius

Vacationary Tacopocalypse Blowout!

Those of you who have had the luck to make it down to the Cumming Tap on Tuesdays know what to expect, Bob is slinging drinks and having fun, Sam is slinging tacos and having fun, and YOU are having fun while drinks and tacos are being slung in your exact direction.  You may have ridden your bike down the Great Western Trail (which used to be the plain old Western Trail until you all made it Great), you may have seated yourself in a motorized vehicle for the trip, but you got there and got what you deserved.  A FUN TIME.  Tonight will be no different.  Bring yourself and a friend(s) down to the Tap tonight and share your stories from this weekend’s cycling/running madness (Living History Farms Run, Survivor Cross, Cranksgiving, Tour De Lights) and grab some cold refreshments and some of your favorite tacos.  Tonight we are also celebrating Chef Sam’s vacation after a wild year of Tacopocalypse!  It has been a fun time, but the Bearded One needs to do a little travelling for the week (don’t fret, we will be back in time for next Tuesday’s taco madness).

( This is a link to the Gogo’s “Vacation” I couldn’t embed the video here)

So, what do we have for this evening?  Vegan Chorizo, Braised Pork, Korean Chicken (yes, we have run this chicken for about two months now, but we personally like eating it.  And no one else has complained), and a fourth surprise taco.  We had originally promised Vietnamese Pork, but it doesn’t look like that is going to happen now.  Whoops, all apologies.  We will also have the usual slaw, salsas, fresh jalapenos, cilantro, onion, and a bunch of smarty pants responses to your valid taco questions.

We will see you tonight.  Until then, we leave you with this:

No matter how much her mother pleaded, Lisa wouldn’t leave her pet taco home…even on class picture day.

Taco Pastorius.

Saturday Farmers’ Market Menu Of Culinary Somethings

Oh, yes!!!  It is time again for the Saturday Des Moines Downtown Farmers’ Market!  It seems like this happens quite often.  Almost weekly.  On Saturday.  So you are making your well laid plan of attack for your market trip in the morning and are wondering to yourself, “Self, I wonder what Tacopocalypse has for my/your belly tomorrow morning?”   We are glad you asked.  But we would have preferred to have the question directed towards us instead of yourself.  We will have to work on the communication breakdown…

Luckily we can read your self-addressing mind and here is your answer:

Menu for June 11, 2011

Yes, the usual hand pressed (and now improved thanks to your feedback) tortillas, Red Salsa, Tomatillo-Habanero salsa (the green one) and the usual onion, cilantro, and fresh jalapenos will be on hand.  In addition to these things we have some new stuff/items/culinary somethings…

First off we are bringing back our Breakfast Thing for its second week of future DTFM breakfast dominance.  This is not a breakfast burrito.  This is not a breakfast sandwich.  This is definitely not one of those doughnuts I have been hearing about but never have time to try, and NO, this is no papusa.  It’s just a Breakfast Thing, like a thing you eat at breakfast time as brought to you by your loyal taco chef and taste-ticular partner in dining crime, Me.

What is a BT?  It is two tortillas surrounding Chihauhau cheese then grilled and topped with your choice of meats/not meat, scrambled egg, special salsa, more cheese, and finely chopped spring garlic greens.  It is large and in charge, and you can get whatever you want on it.  You want some slaw? Done.  You want a mixture of Bacon chorizo AND vegan chorizo?  As you wish.  This is YOUR breakfast, you should have a say in what you have (which shouldn’t include cold flour tortillas, pre-cooked bacon, and packaged pre-whipped sort-of-egg product like other stands may use). So far 9 out of the 10 people who have tried it approve.  Come down and give your approval this week.  I don’t know how long this Thing will be around.

Next up is the new special taco, the BLT TACO.  The BLT Taco lays down some serious groove not unlike a young taco-shaped Bootsy Collins.  Inside the hand pressed corn tortilla you will find roasted hunks of charcoal grilled slab bacon, fresh Cleverley Farms Arugula, Roasted Tomato Compote, and a Roasted Poblano Crema tops it off.

Ok, so here it goes

  • Breakfast Thing
  • BLT taco
  • Pork Tongue
  • Braised Pork
  • Bacon Chorizo
  • Vegan Chorizo

That is your menu, I had some fun pictures and more whimsical quips but my home internet is being non-compliant to our co-opted work agreement.  We will see you tomorrow…. we WILL see you tomorrow… we WILL see YOU tomorrow… we WILL SEE YOU tomorrow…WE WILL SEE YOU


Unless you are reading this on Saturday.  The we will see you today.

Tacos Are Important,


First Farmers’ Market Re-cap Thingy!

Ok, now that it is merely 23 hours until the next Des Moines Downtown Farmers Market with extra Tacopocalypse, it is about time you heard what the citizens/staff of said Tacopocalypse had to say about the first D.M.D.T.F.M.
It was amazing.  There was little to no gameplan, but everything went off like a well executed…um…gameplan.  It turns out that the DSM citizenry (and a number of non-DSM visitors) was more than receptive to our brand of fully hand made/lovingly prepared hand-pressed corn tortilla embraced taco goodness, they responded well to our Niman Ranch meats from booth-mates Cleverley Farms and vegans were kindly (and humanely) thankful for a REAL LEGITIMATE DTFM DINING OPTION AKA TACOPOCALYPSE VEGAN CHORIZO. 

Many friends were made, many smiles were smiled, and the weather may have been the most beautiful in DTFM Great Opening Day Madness had ever seen.  Nothing but positivity!

It was an amazing time, and I am thankful to have met some new friends.  And to have heard a lovely older woman reading our banner and contemplating proper pronunciation of the brand moniker.

“Tacopalypse…taco…how do you say that? Tacolips?”

Yes, my friends…we will give you TACO LIPS.  See you tomorrow at the DTFM.