Tuespocalypse Tacoday Tonight.

Yes, oh TacoLovers, tonight is really happening.  It’s going to be a beautiful evening to ride you bike (or drive your gas-powered vehicle if you are so inclined), share some stories from your weekend (maybe including the 2nd Annual Tweed Ride) over amazing tacos (seriously, they are), and take advantage of $2.50 pints of New Belgium Fat Tire beer.  Come out for food, fun, a ride, or just to see your favorite taco chef (Me) and your favorite cycling bar owner/tender, Bob Moural.  We should be set up to start around 5, and will be featuring the Wasabi Brisket, Braised Pork, Korean Chicken, and Vegan Chorizo you have come to know and love.  I promise that we will mix it up a little soon, but this menu has been a hit.  Thinking about bacon, curry cheek, and some other classics…maybe a few new items.  Those of you who stick with us through the long-ish winter months will be rewarded with being part of the R&D for next year’s Farmers’ Market treats, including the forthcoming Tacopocalypse Chili, and some new salsas.  Speaking of which, 187 sauce was a victory and will be on the condiment table tonight.


Taco Pastorius


Tacopocalypse, Where Are Your Manners?

A situation has been brought to my attention that needs to be addressed forthright, and with a swift, stern hand.  It seems that a few of you Taco Likers out there have been offended by the “gruff” language used by my staff.  I apologise for their (and my) vocabular transgressions and offer this excuse-like batch of explanations.

Tacopocalyptic Swear Word Spouting Explanatory List Of Excuses

  1. The main portion of my staff does not come from a customer service background.  These human adults have been behind the walls of kitchens (or in the IT world, which is very parallel to the cooking world) just long enough to have lost all manner of…uh…manners with which one would use when addressing other human adults in a public business setting.
  2. The boss sets a relatively bad example.  Yes, Taco Likers, your not-so-humble taco chef has a bad habit of dropping a number of different obscenities including F-bombs, S-bombs, M-bombs, and the dreaded occasional Z-bomb.  I am working on this, slooowly, and someday the air will no longer be polluted with my Kitchen Trained Cook’s Mouth Vernacular.
  3. Sometimes the situation calls for it.  As a young Joel Goodsen said back in 1983 “Sometimes you just have to say What The F#@k”
  4. Lack of Sleep+Caffeine+Raised Stress Levels increase the probability of cursing in public.
  5. Sometimes you people just deserve to get sworn at.  That’s right, you read that correctly.  If you act like a dumbass, you will probably get called out on it, including some cursing when inappropriately appropriate.

All these reas-cuses aside, I assure  you, the taco adoring public that my staff will do a much better job at making the proper vocabulary choices when addressing human adults within the confines of our Downtown Farmers’ Market Boothular Location.  Thank you for your support.