We Love Sunday Funday!

If there is one thing that we here at the Tacopocawhips camp enjoy more than tacos, it’s a nice bike ride on a beautiful spring day.  Today is one of those spring days, and we hope you are all outside enjoying it regardless of your transportation choices.  Sunday Funday is upon us, forget about tacos for now and get on your bikes and ride!

Don't forget to stop at the store for some sun block and refreshments.

Happy Sunday Funday from Taco Pastorius and the rest of the gang, see you later this week…


It’s Spring! And Tuesday! Let’s Do This!

Happy Spring, Taco Lovers.  I know it looks a little drizzly out this morning, but don’t let that stop you from enjoying the rest of this beautiful Tacopocalyptic Equinox.  The weather will be clearing up, parting the way for a nice ride to see us at the Cumming Tap.  We have TWO AWESOME GUEST BARTENDERS TONIGHT for your enjoyment along with four lovely varieties of taco.  What are they?  Braised Pork, Vegan Chorizo, Beer Braised Beef Cheek (say that out loud 5 times really fast), some Corned Lengua, and possibly another surprise or two.  We will also have all of our usual suspects like our own scratch made salsas and hand pressed tortillas.  Is going to be a good time.

Taco Cat getting all dolled up for a night out on the Meown

Yes, and we are starting at 3 as usual so all of you Early Birds can get your taco on while in the midst of your afternoon hooky bike ride.  See you later on today/tonight/whatever.

Taco Pastorius