It’s TUESDAY Again! Taco Menu For Cumming Tap!

Taco Lovers,

It is again that day, the day on which all places taco near and far have some kind of CRAZY taco action to tell you about.  It’s Taco Tuesday. wee.  It’s not only Taco Tuesday, but also…


THIS day is extra special within the realm of our tacos, because of our unique brand of food stuff and our lovely location right along the Great Western Trail in Cumming, Iowa.  You will not find a better taco in this state, or most of the surrounding area, especially not in a tiny town like Cumming (I am not just saying this because I am the one who produces said tacos, this is a conglomeration of feedback from taco lovers like you).  AND WE ALSO HAVE $2.50 DRAFTS OF NEW BELGIUM BREWING FAT TIRE BEER. WHAT WHAT? Yep.

Tonight’s Menu:

  • Braised Pork
  • Korean Chicken
  • Bacon Chorizo
  • Vegan Chorizo
  • Sweet Potato and Parsnip – this is our new flavor which made its debut one week ago and has gone on to be a huge hit! It even elicited at least one marriage proposal for your not so humble chef here.

That is what is going down tonight.  We will be serving from 4 until 10pm, due to a few promised late comers and folks riding out after Cyclocross practice.  Take advantage of another beautiful day to ride, imbibe, and take down a few tacos.


Taco Pastorius

two notes: 1. We are also open at Bombay Bicycle Club tonight serving our full menu. 2. Tacopocalypse/Cumming Tap Tuesday will go on for the entire year, all fall, all winter. Stay tuned here for any information on closings, etc.  We will be open every Tuesday, weather permitting.


It’s A Farmer’s Market Menu-athalon

The HyVee Triathalon is happening this weekend, on Sunday to be exact.  We are celebrating by doing this whole taco thing this week in the name of running, swimming, and (mostly) biking. I have a good personal friend, world famous Ironman Triathlete Kale Halder, who swears by our tacos for his training and recovery meals while on the pain train (aka training for Ironman and/or road racing).  If Kale Halder performs better with the help of Tacopocalypse, so can you…or you could be an even better spectator!

This guy trains with Tacopocalypse. Fact.

(Kale Halder’s image, name, and skewed quote used completely without permission, but Kale, ir you see this, I will hook you up with a few free tacos…yeah?)

menu Menu MENU!





Tonight: Radio Moscow Rocks Ears, Tacopocalypse Rocks Your Mouths

I am super pumped to announce that in a few short hours one of my favorite bands, Radio Moscow, is bringing their brand of space rock to our home base, Bombay Bicycle Club!  Come witness them kick out some tasty riffs/jam and come early to check out supporting bands The Dirty Streets and local rockers Ego.  Doors open at 9 pm, rocking begins rocking shortly thereafter.  AND DON’T FORGET THE TACO THING.

We are serving our full menu from 5 until 11 tonight, including our recently added Gazpacho, and a nice freeeeesh batch of our Thai Shrimp Ceviche…both amazing heat beating foods.

(Speaking of menu items, we will be revising our menu and rolling out new items/stuff next week for your dining pleasure.  You will dig.)

See you tonight at the show.  Come for some Tacs, stay for the Rock.

Taco Pastorius.


TOMORROW…WAIT…Tomorrow, Taco Lovers, will be our official kick off of BEING IN TWO PLACES AT ONE TIME. We will be serving at the Bombay Bicycle Club from 5 to 11, and we will also be (duh, of course) at the Cumming Tap from 3 until 10, or whenever you Taco Animals clean us out of goodies.  Which was pretty fast and furious the last two weeks (we are bringing more stuff this time, but I am almost certain that won’t make a difference).


  • Braised Pork
  • Vegan Chorizo
  • Wasabi Brisket
  • Korean Chicken
  • Beef Cheek
  • Chorizo Verde
  • Whatever runs out first will be replaced with Potato Poblano

We may have one or two other “replacer” tacos flavors for when things start running out.

The Bombay menu includes some bitchin nachos, Thai Shrimp Ceviche, and a load of taco flavors including our new Seared Ahi Tuna w/Wasabi and spicy slaw topped with toasted sesame seeds. There will be a soup which will most likely be our Sopa Verde (it’s a green soup. go figure).

SO, you have two opportunities to get your mouths around our tacos tomorrow night.  Either choice is wise…

“It’s Taco Tuesday somewhere…”

Taco Pastorius



Tonight, as we do almost every night, we are serving up tacos and some other things at our new HQ, Bombay Bicycle Club (8410 Hickman, Clive). Here is what we have in store for your mouths tonight:

TACOS 2/$5

  • Braised Pork
  • Bacon Chorizo
  • Korean Chicken
  • Wasabi Brisket
  • Poblano Potato
  • Vegan Chorizo


  • Grilled Tilapia – Spiced Tilapia grilled to order w/ Adobo Crema and Slaw
  • Seared Ahi Tuna w/ Wasabi Crema, Spicy Slaw, and Toasted Sesame Seeds


  • Thai Shrimp w/ Mango served with fresh fried sesame crackers


  • Any of our regular taco flavors over fresh fried white corn chips and smoky Monterey Jack sauce, topped with slaw and sided with sour cream and house made guacamole.  Yes, you can get fish nachos for $3 more.

This is our current menu out at the new spot, it is just about 24 hours old and has been a big hit so far.  A few have even hinted that we could win some Best Nachos awards.

This is how we do nachos.

We are open from 5 until 11 tonight, 8410 Hickman. Be there. We will.

Taco Pastorius

Tacopocalypse Tuesday! (and Thursday)

Yes, the realization that it is only Monday has already swept over the Tacopocalypse camp.  BUT WE ARE TRYING TO THINK AHEAD THIS WEEK AS (excuse the caps) WE HAVE SO MANY EVENTS FOR YOU, THE TACO LOVING PUBLIC, TO ENJOY.  It’s also prime cycling weather, so it is better to just get this out of the way right now so the weather can be properly enjoyed.

This is the spot to be on Tuesday!



First up is TOMORROW, and the someday-to-be-legendary Cumming Tap Tacopocalypse Tuesday.  We will be serving up tacos starting at 3 pm and the flavors will be….A SURPRISE!  But will include Korean Chicken and Braised pork of course.  And probably Vegan Chorizo.  So…one other flavor to be unveiled at 3 pm tomorrow.  Bob will be slinging the world’s greatest Moscow Mules, and waiting to hear your really exciting stories about your Fantasy Baseball Draft experiences this past weekend.  (go team)



Thursday Tacopocalypse in Madrid!

On Thursday Tacopocalypse will be in Madrid, Iowa at the Flat Tire Lounge located right on the High Trestle Trail serving tacos from 3-???.  It’s going to be great weather for a ride to the High Trestle Bridge, and a stop for some tacos and maybe a $7 pitcher or two of New Belgium Fat Tire on the FTL patio. I know that’s our plan!

Why not get out and enjoy riding your bike in this spring weather, have some tacos at two of the premier bike-friendly bars in the state, and get down with some of the best tacos you will ever have?  Right, didn’t think you could come up with an excuse.  See you this week!

Taco Pastorius


Brunchpocolypse Is Go! Sunday Funday Excellence!

Here is our big announ….wait.

Brunchpocolypse Invasion Imminent

We are proud to announce our big announcement: Brunchpocolypse is go!  Join us on Sunday, March 11th for an event so huge that it will be considered by many to be the “Huge Huged Around The Huge.”  Others will just consider it to be a great chance to enjoy more Tacopocalypse in their lives.  Here are the “deets”

Tacopocalypse “Brunchpocalypse”

Sunday, March 11th from 11 am to 3 pm

AJ’s On Court

419 East Court Avenue

We will be serving up the tacos, Breakfast Things, and a few other breakfast items, and AJ’s will be serving up apocalyptic sized Bloody Marys, Mimosas and $1.50 domestic bottles (and PBR).  It’s going to be a blast!

We will be unveiling the menu later on this week, stay tuned for details.

Taco Pastorius


Vacationary Tacopocalypse Blowout!

Those of you who have had the luck to make it down to the Cumming Tap on Tuesdays know what to expect, Bob is slinging drinks and having fun, Sam is slinging tacos and having fun, and YOU are having fun while drinks and tacos are being slung in your exact direction.  You may have ridden your bike down the Great Western Trail (which used to be the plain old Western Trail until you all made it Great), you may have seated yourself in a motorized vehicle for the trip, but you got there and got what you deserved.  A FUN TIME.  Tonight will be no different.  Bring yourself and a friend(s) down to the Tap tonight and share your stories from this weekend’s cycling/running madness (Living History Farms Run, Survivor Cross, Cranksgiving, Tour De Lights) and grab some cold refreshments and some of your favorite tacos.  Tonight we are also celebrating Chef Sam’s vacation after a wild year of Tacopocalypse!  It has been a fun time, but the Bearded One needs to do a little travelling for the week (don’t fret, we will be back in time for next Tuesday’s taco madness).

( This is a link to the Gogo’s “Vacation” I couldn’t embed the video here)

So, what do we have for this evening?  Vegan Chorizo, Braised Pork, Korean Chicken (yes, we have run this chicken for about two months now, but we personally like eating it.  And no one else has complained), and a fourth surprise taco.  We had originally promised Vietnamese Pork, but it doesn’t look like that is going to happen now.  Whoops, all apologies.  We will also have the usual slaw, salsas, fresh jalapenos, cilantro, onion, and a bunch of smarty pants responses to your valid taco questions.

We will see you tonight.  Until then, we leave you with this:

No matter how much her mother pleaded, Lisa wouldn’t leave her pet taco home…even on class picture day.

Taco Pastorius.

Tuespocalypse Tacoday Tonight.

Yes, oh TacoLovers, tonight is really happening.  It’s going to be a beautiful evening to ride you bike (or drive your gas-powered vehicle if you are so inclined), share some stories from your weekend (maybe including the 2nd Annual Tweed Ride) over amazing tacos (seriously, they are), and take advantage of $2.50 pints of New Belgium Fat Tire beer.  Come out for food, fun, a ride, or just to see your favorite taco chef (Me) and your favorite cycling bar owner/tender, Bob Moural.  We should be set up to start around 5, and will be featuring the Wasabi Brisket, Braised Pork, Korean Chicken, and Vegan Chorizo you have come to know and love.  I promise that we will mix it up a little soon, but this menu has been a hit.  Thinking about bacon, curry cheek, and some other classics…maybe a few new items.  Those of you who stick with us through the long-ish winter months will be rewarded with being part of the R&D for next year’s Farmers’ Market treats, including the forthcoming Tacopocalypse Chili, and some new salsas.  Speaking of which, 187 sauce was a victory and will be on the condiment table tonight.


Taco Pastorius

Tonight, Tonight, Tonight! Whoa-ooooo!

Sometimes when I stare closely at my Phil Collins album covers a vision pops out.  Mr. Collins’ hair line becomes the outline of a taco shell, his scalp becomes some kind of taco topping which covers his brains, the talented super song-writing-genius-multi-instrumentalist filling to a pop taco (and a one-time prog-taco, back in the day before Miami Vice).  Is this some demented vision from a man who has made one too many taco, or just some funny filler for you to read before you get a taste of what you will be getting a taste of tonight (tonight, tonight) at the Cumming Tap?  I wonder…

Last week we missed making it to the Tap on Tuesday due to some issues.  Those issues are no longer an issue, and we are looking at what may be one of our last really nice riding days for a while.  Make it down to see Sam and Bob tonight and this is what is in store for you:


  • Carnitas – our now famous-ish pork.

  • Vegan Chorizo – Eat it.  Is Good.,

  • Chicken Bulgogi – Chicken in a Korean Marinade served with Kimchi.

  • Tofu Scramble – It’s the bomb. A Cruelty-Free bomb.

  • The World Premier of our new 187 Sauce!  We have been working on this stuff for a while, months.  A smoky, spicy, thick, chunky hot sauce that adds just the right burn to your taco.  Very excited to finally have this out for the Taco Loving Public.

The usual slaw, hand pressed torts, and salsas will be on hand for your eating pleasure.  Come share your best CX or Halloween party stories with us and enjoy the return of your favorite tacos to the most amazing bar south of the Raccoon, the Cumming Tap!  Party starts at 5, and we promise…no Phil Collins were harmed during the making of these tacos.  But, Seriously…

Taco Pastorius.