It’s A Farmer’s Market Menu-athalon

The HyVee Triathalon is happening this weekend, on Sunday to be exact.  We are celebrating by doing this whole taco thing this week in the name of running, swimming, and (mostly) biking. I have a good personal friend, world famous Ironman Triathlete Kale Halder, who swears by our tacos for his training and recovery meals while on the pain train (aka training for Ironman and/or road racing).  If Kale Halder performs better with the help of Tacopocalypse, so can you…or you could be an even better spectator!

This guy trains with Tacopocalypse. Fact.

(Kale Halder’s image, name, and skewed quote used completely without permission, but Kale, ir you see this, I will hook you up with a few free tacos…yeah?)

menu Menu MENU!







TOMORROW…WAIT…Tomorrow, Taco Lovers, will be our official kick off of BEING IN TWO PLACES AT ONE TIME. We will be serving at the Bombay Bicycle Club from 5 to 11, and we will also be (duh, of course) at the Cumming Tap from 3 until 10, or whenever you Taco Animals clean us out of goodies.  Which was pretty fast and furious the last two weeks (we are bringing more stuff this time, but I am almost certain that won’t make a difference).


  • Braised Pork
  • Vegan Chorizo
  • Wasabi Brisket
  • Korean Chicken
  • Beef Cheek
  • Chorizo Verde
  • Whatever runs out first will be replaced with Potato Poblano

We may have one or two other “replacer” tacos flavors for when things start running out.

The Bombay menu includes some bitchin nachos, Thai Shrimp Ceviche, and a load of taco flavors including our new Seared Ahi Tuna w/Wasabi and spicy slaw topped with toasted sesame seeds. There will be a soup which will most likely be our Sopa Verde (it’s a green soup. go figure).

SO, you have two opportunities to get your mouths around our tacos tomorrow night.  Either choice is wise…

“It’s Taco Tuesday somewhere…”

Taco Pastorius


Taco/Cross Saturday Tomorrow!

Taco Lovers,  Tomorrow we will be joining forces with Zealous Racing at the Iowa State Cyclocross Championships being held at Lions Park in Altoona, Iowa (13th Ave and 4th St. SW).  You will have the chance to see some of the best of the best Cyclocross racers and eat the best tacos the state of Iowa has to offer.

We will be on site serving tacos starting between 9:30-10:00 am, and the first race starts at 11.  Wait?  Some of you out there don’t know anything about cyclocross?  Here is a quick video to show you what happens at these exciting events:


Eating tacos:

Okay, it isn’t going to be brutally muddy at the race tomorrow, but you get the idea.

What is on the menu?  We will have Vegan Chorizo, Bacon Chorizo, Braised Pork, and Wasabi Brisket!  We will also be serving the BREAKFAST THING, that killer of burritos and slayer of morning/afternoon/whenever-you-happen-to-eat-yours hunger.  We will have along our legendary Slaw, our Red and Green salsas, and the other fresh veggie acoutremandes you have become accustom to, all served on our hand pressed fresh corn tortillas. Also of note, all of our selections are Gluten Free.

We will see you tomorrow at Lions Park in Altoona!  Serving until 2 or later…

Taco Pastorius

TacoTapapocalypse Tuesday Menu!

Good day, Taco Likers/Lovers.  There were rainbows in the sky, birds (and ground squirrels) chirping, and a slightly cloud-shielded morning sun hanging in the sky as your trusty taco making person awoke from his race recovery (yes, I feel old.  taking two days to recover…sheesh) slumber.  It was all an inspiring experience, and in an instant during that wonderful waking a thought popped into existence.  “Why don’t I make a new taco for tonight, something that I haven’t tried (as a taco) before.”  Not a bad idea for sure.  Hmmm…. I have drawn from Indian, Asian, Latin cuisines but never from one of my most professionally practiced um…. provisions… ITALIAN.  Yes, an Italian inspired taco is on the menu for tonight.  Let’s discuss further.

TacoTapalypse Menu For 9/27/11

  • Italian Pork Taco.  This is the new guy, Niman Ranch shoulder slow cooked with fennel, rosemary, tomato, and a few other spices and served with a pickled red onion relish.  You will like.

  • Chorizo Verde.  It’s Green and Mean, ground Niman Ranch pork with a plethora of edible/legal green herbs and spices.  Serrano, Poblano, Cilantro, Spinach….great garden flavor.

  • Vegan Chorizo.  All the chorizo flavor without all the animal products.  Loved by Veg and Omni’s.

  • Pork Shoulder.  The Tacopocalypse “enhanced” version of the traditional Carnitas.  The original Tacopocalypse taco is still the favorite.

Of course we have all the other usual accompaniments such as slaw, a couple salsas, some fresh chopped veggies and the like.

Come join us for Tacos and Ice Cold $2.50 pints of New Belgium Fat Tire tonight at the Cumming Tap!  5pm to ?????



This Saturday DTFM/Ankeny Unplugged Double Decker Menu Wrecker!


Hello, Taco Likers!  We here at your first (and the greater DSM area’s second) favorite taco making operation are proud to announce that this weekend should run a little smoother than last weekend!  It turns out that the combination of Friday Night Sips In The City/Saturday Morning Farmers Market was a little more than the boss should have…well, if you were at either you know the point of this.  Our chef was having a really good time, and enjoyed every second of both events (except about one hour of chaos saturday morning.  whoops.) Really. Good. Time.

Feline Depiction Of Our Chef Between Last Friday and Saturday Events

Let’s reflect a little.  Sips In The City was amazing.  We were fortunate enough to have a great booth location bestowed upon us, even though we are the NKOTB.  Our tiny “Taco Canapes” were a  huge hit, serving a grand total of 1350 1.75 inch hand pressed corn tortillas (not a fun undertaking) topped with Vegan Chorizo, Braised Pork, or Beef Cheek.  There was a line of at least 15 taco wanters at all time.  For three hours.  amazing.  We made a lot of new friends that night, and spent some time with some old friends from some great businesses.  Our new team of Elisabeth “Get to the back of the line if you can’t decide” Ballstadt, Shelby “Sauce Spiller” Conklin, and Cyd “Don’t look up, just make tacos” Mull was amazing to work with.  What a great time.  Too Great.

We are also super pumped that we will be participating in Ankeny Unplugged this Saturday from 4 until 9.  Evidently there is a high demand for vegetarian and gluten free items (every single item we serve is gluten free) to be served at this event series, and we are glad to have caught the last one.  Next year we will be there for all their events, if they feel like inviting us back.

So, this brings us to the real subject at hand.  This Weekend.

We have a new flavor to put in your mouths this Saturday, which is a Korean Braised Short Rib with Kimchi.  Yes, some of you more worldly taco likers will recognize this combination from a certain taco truck in a certain state which serves the only “real” tacos in the country (according to the a-hole at the DTFM a few weeks ago).  This will be served at both events saturday.


  • Vegan Chorizo
  • Braised Pork
  • BLT
  • Bacon Chorizo
  • Korean Short Rib

BTW, about the BT last week.  I personally apologise for the exclusion of that from the menu, and for the back up tortilla scandal.  This weekend will be full on, with all normal stuff kicking it all over our menu.  Hey, while you are at our stand, you should pick up some greens and things from our amazing friends Cleverley Farms located exactly one foot west of our booth at 2nd and Court Avenue.

Ankeny Unplugged:

  • Vegan chorizo
  • Braised Pork
  • Korean short rib.

No Breakfast thing, duh.  It’s not breakfast time.

This should be a great day filled with fun and tacos.  Actually I think the word Taco means Fun in some languages.



Saturday Morning Obscene Scene Recap Report

If you read our last post, you know about our new commitment to ending the aural obscenities spewed forth from the mouths of the Tacopocalypse staff.  If you were actually AT the Farmers’ Market this past Saturday, you bore witness to something even more obscene than obscenities: The enormous hunks of slab bacon stuffing the tortilla walls of our new BLT tacos.  Humans of all ages, shapes, sizes, and cholesterol levels threw caution and sense to the four winds and indulged in what could be the most feared food item the Des Moines Downtown Farmers’ Market has ever seen.

I would post a picture of this bacon, but it may actually violate some decency laws (not unlike our choice of words at the stand).

The Breakfast Thing also returned for it’s second successful week.  Judging by the reaction of new BT Likers and return Likers as well, this THING will be a permanent addition to the menu at the DTFM.  You are welcome.

I was thanked personally by a young lady human for serving vegan chorizo.  She had a bad experience at the Breakfast Burrito Stand (is there ever a good one?) in which she was informed that getting something vegetarian wasn’t an option there as all of the breakfast burritos were PRE MADE.  Ok, whooooooaaaaa, Blossom.  All you Buritto Likers out there are getting NOT ONLY pre-cooked bacon, crap pre-mix egg product, cold tortillas, and hornswaggled, but the burittos that you adore are PRE MADE?  Why would you do this to yourselves?  Would you rather have Niman Ranch Meats, Organic local veggies, Sheeder Farms eggs, hand pressed tortillas (ok, sometimes they DO end up getting a little cold. sorry), VEGAN CHORIZO, everything fresh and hand made by the people serving your food, you can talk to the Chef personally (and there actually is a chef, not some person orchestrating a pre-packaged re-heat operation), you can look west about ten feet and see the farmer which grew the greens on your tacos, I mean SERIOUSLY PEOPLE.  WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?  DITCH THE BURRITO HABIT.  GET DOWN WITH A BREAKFAST THING

Another young human female who is Gluten Intolerant, and a sort of long time fan of the cooking of yours truly, stopped by and had the first meal she has  had in four years at the DTFM.  Why?  Because everything we make is inherently gluten free.  Yes, we aren’t playing.  Here’s what she had to say:

Thank you for making gluten-free tacos.  Today= 1st time in 4 years that I have eaten anything but fruit @ #dtfm

That is what we like to hear, not necessarily the admittance of a culinarily unsatisfied past, but that we were able to accomadate someone who would otherwise be left out of the game.  Too many producers of food do not make an effort to include the “special needs” eaters (Celiac, lactose intolerant, vegetarian, vegan, etc), this is something we are always working towards changing.  Tacopocalypse strives for Gastronomic Equality.

Taco Likers, we just want to make you happy.  Like, REALLY happy.  Thank you for your support.


May 14 Farmers Market Menu


Here is what you can expect at tomorrows Market:

-Vegan Chorizo
-Bacon Chorizo
-Braised Pork Shoulder
AND this week’s fourth special taco…
-Lengua De Puerco. This is braised Niman Ranch Pork Tongue, and it is a darn fine addition to our already stellar menu.

As always, tacos are served on hand pressed corn tortillas and topped with slaw. Also served with our Redfire or Tomatillo-Habanero salsas, and all tacos are gluten-free. Very Legit.

See you at the Tacopocalypse, 2nd and Court Avenue from 7am until noon.

First Farmers’ Market Re-cap Thingy!

Ok, now that it is merely 23 hours until the next Des Moines Downtown Farmers Market with extra Tacopocalypse, it is about time you heard what the citizens/staff of said Tacopocalypse had to say about the first D.M.D.T.F.M.
It was amazing.  There was little to no gameplan, but everything went off like a well executed…um…gameplan.  It turns out that the DSM citizenry (and a number of non-DSM visitors) was more than receptive to our brand of fully hand made/lovingly prepared hand-pressed corn tortilla embraced taco goodness, they responded well to our Niman Ranch meats from booth-mates Cleverley Farms and vegans were kindly (and humanely) thankful for a REAL LEGITIMATE DTFM DINING OPTION AKA TACOPOCALYPSE VEGAN CHORIZO. 

Many friends were made, many smiles were smiled, and the weather may have been the most beautiful in DTFM Great Opening Day Madness had ever seen.  Nothing but positivity!

It was an amazing time, and I am thankful to have met some new friends.  And to have heard a lovely older woman reading our banner and contemplating proper pronunciation of the brand moniker.

“Tacopalypse…taco…how do you say that? Tacolips?”

Yes, my friends…we will give you TACO LIPS.  See you tomorrow at the DTFM.

Downtown Farmers Market Tacopocalypse Begins Saturday!

The time has finally come.  We have all been waiting for weeks for the opportunity to bring the Tacopocalypse experience to the Fair City of Des Moines proper, and the daily countdown has dwindled to single digits.  This Saturday the Tacopocalypse begins at 6am at the intersection of 2nd and Court Avenue along side the masterful produce producer and Niman Ranch distributor Cleverly Farms.  We stress that you should get your taco loving behinds down to the market early, even though we have a fairly large amount of food, this IS our first foray into the mad, mad realm of serving potentially thousands of people.

What is the Menu?  I thought you would never ask.  For opening day the menu will be kept fairly simple.

  • Classic Braised Pork with Curtido.  Pork shoulder from Niman Ranch braised with peppers and herbs until it makes you go almost as tender as the pork in the knees.  Pork knees.
  • Vegan Chorizo with Curtido.  Organic, delicious, and made with veggies, TVP, and our proprietary Chorizo Spice Blend, our Vegan Chorizo is almost indistinguishable from its meaty cousin, regular old chorizo.  It has drawn many into its cruelty-free web.
  • BACON CHORIZO with Curtido.  Yes, this is Chorizo made with ground Niman Ranch Bacon.  It is out of control.

What is Curtido?  Another great question.  It is the traditional Salvadoran Slaw served with Papusas (which btw, there are some great papusas at the market and we won’t be offended it you are spotted eating some) made with cabbage, onion, carrot, oregano, vinegar, and some other stuff.  Why do we put it on everything?   Because the Slaw Is The Law.

Of course there will be the normal selection of Cilantro, Onions, and hot sauces.  Also included is the now-barely-famous Tacopocalypse Redfire Sauce and Tomatillo-Habanero Salsa.

All of this is served on hand-pressed corn tortillas which are personally hand pressed with the hands of our reigning champion tortilla presser, Chef Samuel Auen.  All tacos are also GLUTEN FREE AND TOTALLY LEGIT.  YOU WILL MOST LIKELY NOT GET BETTER TACOS ANYWHERE.  DEFINITELY NOT AT THE WONDERFUL SUNNY DOWNTOWN FARMERS MARKET ON SATURDAY MORNINGS!

See you there.