Vegan Menu (May 2017)

This is a preview/work in progress of our upcoming Vegan Menu to be launched in May, 2017. Changes may be made, but will be reflected here. Our current offering of Vegan tacos, burritos, and Masa Fries are still available!


Mapo Tofu Korean Pepper & Soy Braised Tofu w/ House Kimch, Gochuchang, Toasted Sesame Seed. A Korean/Mexican take on an old Chinese Classic dish.

Seitan Asada – House made Seitan w/Verdecado Sauce, Curtido. Street Taco inspired, Vegan approved.

Vegan Chorizo – House made soy-based Mexican-style sausage w/Curtido, The Original Tacopocalypse Vegan Taco.

Adobo Jackfruit – Smokey Jackfruit w/Verdecado Sauce, Spicy Slaw. A little bit Tex-Mex by way of India.

Tater Tot-Co – Tots, Vegan Crema, Spicy Slaw

Wrap Style Burritos:

Seitan Asada – House Made Seitan, Tots, Curtido Slaw, Smokey Tomato Sauce, Guacamole

Mapo Tofu Burrito – Korean Pepper & Soy Braised Tofu, Fried Rice, House Made Kimchi, Gochuchang Sauce

Red Curry Tofu – Korean Pepper & Soy Braised Tofu, Fried Rice, Red Curry Sauce

Jackfruit Ranch – Smokey Jackfruit, Greens, Tomato, Tortilla Strips, Verdecado Sauce, Vegan Crema

The Double California – Seitan Asada, Tots, Vegan Whiz, Guacamole, Verdecado Sauce

The SC Rambler – Tofu Scramble, Tots, Vegan Crema, Spicy Slaw

MASA Fries:

A Tacopocalypse original creation, we mix potatoes with Masa Flour and spices, then form them into fries, fry them, then top them to the hilt. Featured on Food Network’s Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives w/Guy Fieri! 

Classic Vegan Masa Fry – Seitan Asada, Smokey Tomato Sauce, Guacamole, Spicy Slaw

Whiz Fry – Our Original Masa Fry topped with Vegan Whiz

Sauce Flight Fry – Order of Masa Fries sided w/Whiz, Crema & Smokey Tomato Sauces

Mapo Tofu Fry – Braised Tofu, Vegan Whiz, Kimchi, Unagi Sauce, Gochuchang, Toasted Sesame Seed

Jackfruit Fry – Smokey Jackfruit, Verdecado Sauce, Vegan Crema, Spicy Slaw

“Steak & Cheese” – Seitan Asada, Vegan Whiz. For you “Meat & Potato” Vegans


Made w/Fresh Fried Corn Chips & Topped w/ House Made Vegan Whiz Sauce, Guacamole, & Corresponding Slaw

Mapo Tofu – Korean Pepper & Soy Braised Tofu, House Kimch, Toasted Sesame Seed

Seitan Asada – House made Seitan, Verdecado Sauce, Smokey Tomato Sauce, Curtido.

Vegan Chorizo – House made soy-based Mexican-style sausage, Vegan Crema, Curtido

Adobo Jackfruit – Smokey Jackfruit w/Verdecado Sauce, Vegan Crema, Spicy Slaw

Potato Nacho – Tots, Vegan Crema, Spicy Slaw

Quesadilla – 



Basic – Seasonal Greens & Veggies sided w/ your choice of dressing

Other Salads TBA