Things Greater Than Mountains Prevail!

Dear TacoLikers,

We recently had an eighth-grade-crush on a name which we thought might have been a little better descriptor of our beloved thing for breakfast, the Breakfast Thing…or Breakfast Mountain?  Because we felt so strongly an immature feeling of namular changeage, it was decided that we should take this to the mean streets of the interweb, into your capable taco liking, decision making hands.

The Breakfast Thing Retains Its Name! photo crtsy our friend slakingfool

After four days of rigorous polling, the votes have been tallied and the decision has been made, The Breakfast Thing, while resembling a Breakfast Mountain, will remain the Breakfast Thing from here until eternity.



We at Tacopocalypse thank those of you who exercised your rights as official Taco (and Breakfast Thing) LIkers and voted to keep the name that launched the thing.  As a gift to those of you who are fans of the BT, we will be providing plastic knives this weekend to aid in the consumption of your favorite DTFM food (even though the die-hard BT likers will tell you to just person-up and pick the thing up like a giant taco).

I think the words of  @iowaradioguy sum it all up (via twitter)r:

Seriously, if you’re still eating burritos at the #dtfm and not @tacopocalypse, you’re missing the whole reason God gave you a stomach

Thank you again for taking part in our poll, see you Saturday for some major Breakfast Thing action.

Taco Pastorius


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