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Breakfast Thing…Or Mountain?

by locallygrown on 07/31/2011

Hello, TacoLikers!  Yesterday was a very fun day at the DTFM.  We worked with a minimal staff which produced maximum results for the throngs of Tacopocalypse dining individuals!  Exclamation!  We love that you keep coming back to experience some great food, and the terrible humor/language of our staff.  Seriously, thank you.  We are still working on that problem.  Maybe if we had some help from Censor Cat…

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Anyway, let’s get down to the business for which we have come here for to get down.  The Breakfast Thing (you know, maybe we should take a picture of the breakfast thing someday.  huh.)  The Breakfast Thing is an appropriately named breakfast type entity comprised of two corn tortillas filled with oozing melted Chihauhau cheese, then topped with scrambled free range organic Niman Ranch Eggs, whatever meaty/non-meaty taco filler your taco liking heart desires, more cheese, and SLAW.  It’s like a Taco-quesadilla-papusa-salad-huevos-rancheros thing, and since our marketing geniuses informed us that having that many words in the name of a product will only work in a French restaurant and certainly not at a taco stand, we decided instead to shorten the name to Breakfast Thing.  It conveys the purpose and that it is in fact a tangible item of our current time and space continuum.  Or so we thought.

Fast Reverse to Saturday, July 30 2011 (which is yesterday, unless you are reading this on a day other than the day on which this post was written, in that case just stick to the date thing and do not refer to it as yesterday.  Unless you are reading this in like 2021 and you are reminiscing like “Oh, it was just like yesterday” that is an acceptable use of the term yesterday.) So on the previously named Saturday the Breakfast Things were rocking, flying off the Comal almost as fast as their Taco Brethren.   Towards the end of the day a gentleman (only speculating on his actual gentlemanly qualities of course) appeared in front of the Tacopocalypse stand and this is what he said:

“Can I get one of those Breakfast Mountains?”


Excuse me, did you want the BREAKFAST THING?”

“Yeah, man…but it’s more like a BREAKFAST MOUNTAIN”

After a short 15 second ponder it sank in…or more like rose above the land, thrusting itself through the earth’s crust to stand grandly occupying the air, and establishing itself as a truly awesome and possibly bad idea.  We should rename the Breakfast Thing “BREAKFAST MOUNTAIN”

Without any more rambling as to the merits/not merits of naming an item we offer you this, TacoLikers.  We want to know your opinion as to whether we should change the name to Breakfast Mountain.  It IS pretty much a mountain of breakfast proportions, which you would see if we actually had any pictures lying around.  So please participate in this extremely quick poll to help us decide the fate of the name. (click the link for the poll.  we are good at making tacos, but very poor at html.  thankfully you don’t have to eat our html. gross.)

Thank you in advance for your help.

Taco Pastorius

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  1. This poll fails without a photo.

  2. InthewaterDSM permalink

    I lke breakfast thing. It conveys the goofy qualities of Tacopocalypse better.

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