Next Week: Ragbrai Happens

Hello, Taco Likers.  As some of you may have suspected by the stack of bikes behind our spot at the DTFM, or that we serve at the Cumming Tap, or by the number of articles written about our Chef’s bike exploits, that we at the Tacopocalypse Compound are almost all avid cyclists.  In fact FOUR of us are bicycle-only travelers.  This should be a “needless to say” moment, but what the hey, you all like reading words and we felt like writing some words for you to like reading. Word Liker.  Next week the oldest, largest behemoth of a bicycle event in the country is taking place.  A number of us from Tacopocalypse will be riding on/during this event (Ragbrai).  This means that we will be missing a day of Taco Servitude.  Tuesday, July 26th we will not be serving tacos at the Cumming Tap.  We will return on Saturday July 30th to our normal schedule of total awesomeness.

Here is our July Schedule, just to be clear:

Saturday, July 23rd, Des Moines Downtown Farmers Market, 7-noon

Tuesday, July 26th, No tacos (not from us, at least)

Saturday, July 30th, DTFM, 7-noon

There you have it, also check out our new offerings such as Curried pork cheeks, Cherrywood smoked brisket, and Braised Lamb Shanks.


Tacoly yours,

Taco Pastorius


2 thoughts on “Next Week: Ragbrai Happens

  1. Have a great time. No RAGBRAI for me this year, but counting down to next year when hopefully I can return to the bikeing party goodness!

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