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#DTFM Menu Of Classic Goodness!

by locallygrown on 09/02/2011

Greetings, Taco Likers!  It’s time to get really excited about the return of a few of our classic flavors that some of you have been requesting and someone (old you-know-who) has been lagging behind in producing.  We also have a a returning newbie and some of the same ole same ole that you have grown to love and adore.   There are also going to be a few subtle changes to the appearance to our booth.  We have been thinking of you all and your requests…Who loves ya, baby?

If you think this is Tom Colicchio , you watch too much food television.

So, let’s get down to the real nitty gritty….

DTFM* Menu for 9/3/11

  • The return of Pork Tongue!  Slow cooked with tomatillos, peppers, and some other stuff, this is the second most requested taco which hasn’t been around for a while.


  • Chorizo Verde:  Our garden-y tasting ground pork, pepper, and herb mixture is back.  Watch out, this batch is a little spicy!

  • Vegan Chorizo!  You love it, and animals love you for choosing it!  This is our “cruelty free” (well, we did talk a bunch of smack about its mother to it, so not totally cruelty free) version of the classic Mexican sausage.

  • Braised Pork Shoulder!  Our own version of the classic Carnitas with a little more zazz.

  • Maybe…just maybe, we will have some Slab Bacon tacos with some pesto and tomato relish.  Maybe.

We are also thinking of adding a potato/egg combo taco to the menu soon, and have been toying around with a few other fun ideas like smoked brisket with onion relish, Home Made Corned Beef Hash Tacopocalypse style, and many more.  Let us know what you think…

See you in the morning at the #DTFM, we need to get back to pressing tortillas….

Taco Savalas.

*DTFM, for those of you who haven’t caught on, is short for the Down Town Farmers Market in lovely Des Moines.  We are located at 2nd and Court Ave on the SW corner. 

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  1. Donna permalink

    i would like to try hash. If only to see if I love it more than Korean Pulled Pork.

  2. I think that looks more like Michael Symon than Tom Colicchio, though not enough like either to confuse them. :)

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