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Taco Lovers,

A beginning is a delicate thing.  Especially the beginning of Fall, the first temperature drop/relief from the summer heat leaving folks feeling a little vulnerable, sending them scrambling for the comfort of warmer clothing and comforting food things.  Today is one of those days.  The sun is out, and the temperature is brisk, it’s a lovely day for riding a bike down to the Cumming Tap or out to Clive to our HQ at Bombay Bicycle Club, and maybe with a sweater (in the biking community we call this “wool jersey weather”) for some world-class tacos (and other stuff if you make it out to BBC) and delicious drinks.  Our tacos today are inspired by this more fall-like temperature action.  This is what we have at the Cumming Tap tonight:

Cumming Tap Tuesday Menu for 9/18

  • Sweet Potato, Peppers, and Parsnip -  We have roasted Sweet Potatoes and Parsnip chips mixed with Red Anaheim and Poblano Peppers topped with our Adobo Crema and Slaw. It doesn’t get much more fall than a parsnip hanging out with a sweet potato. It’s the chocolate and peanut butter of the season.
  • Grilled Tilapia - Lovely grilled spiced tilapia with crema and spicy slaw. It will warm your insides.
  • Vegan Chorizo - Our Chorizo spice blend contains cinnamon. Which is really Fall tasting and stuff.
  • Braised Pork - What can be more comforting to your stomach/being than our braised pork? (it also goes well over gnocchi)
  • Korean Chicken - Not sure what Fall bs we can squeeze out of this one, but it is one of your favorites and is coming to you live tonight!!!

That is our menu for tonight at the Cumming Tap.  Bob is also slinging some mean Moscow Mules and $2.50 pints of FAT TIRE BEEEEERRRRR! Jeah!

warning: we may be set up inside tonight, so don’t panic if you don’t see our tent. I will place our banner outside to let you know we are there, but look for us just inside the back door of the Tap.

What is on the menu at BBC?  OUR WHOLE MENU is what is on the menu, including our house made kimchi, bul go gi, Seared Tuna tacos with wasabi sauce, the world’s best nachos, super quesadillas, our NAKED JALAPENO “POPPERS”, and much more.

So come see us tonight!  Cumming Tap, in Cumming, or BBC at 8410 Hickman in Clive!


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