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Memorial Weekend Taco Menu And Stuff

by locallygrown on 05/27/2011

So…the rapture didn’t come, and we are all still standing here on the planet wondering what to do now.  AND to top it off, this is a holiday weekend.  All of you Taco Likers out there who failed to plan for your post-not-rapture-Memorial-Day-Holiday due to impending removal from your earth-bound bodies are probably going to be looking for last minute holiday plans, hungry and without a camping spot in the over-flowing camp grounds of America.  We have a cure for your ills.  We will also not be mentioning the “rapture” again. Promise.

This Week In Tacos, The Menu

  1. The ever popular Vegan Chorizo will, as always, be back for all of you meatless meal fans
  2. Classic Braised Pork Shoulder.  It’s the classic, and first Tacopocalypse taco filling.  Even before we were Tacopocalypse
  3. Bacon Chorizo. The new favorite of the masses.  It is Chorizo. Made entirely from Niman Ranch Bacon.  Wha?
  4. Lengua De Puerco.  Yes, organic Niman Ranch Pork Tongue braised with tomatillos, peppers, and love.
  5. Vietnamese Pork - The return of the Mac, Niman Ranch Pork Shoulder slow cooked with Lemongrass, Keffir Lime leaves, Fish Sauce, and some other goodies.  Served with Green Wave Greens (a wasabi-esqu green) and our Mango/Thai Chili Salsa.  Yem. I mean Yum.
  6. Beef Cheeks!  Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, we decided to cook up some Barbacoa for you, Tacopocalypse style. Served with a Serrano Pepper/Cactus Salsa and a grilled Cleverley Farms Spring Garlic Stalk on top.

Of course, 1 through 4 are served with our famous Slaw (now referred to by certain individuals as CrackSlaw) and all will be accompanied by our Redfire Salsa Roja, Tomatillo/Habanero Sasa, onion, cilantro, and possibly some other stuff if our chef remembers to pack it.  Don’t hold your breath.

We will see you down at the Saturday Farmers’ Market Tomorrow!  Also, if you tell us how many times we used the phrase Niman Ranch in this post, you get a free taco.  How’s that for a holiday treat?

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  1. Oooooh… my guess is 4 times. If you count the time that you asked about the amount of times. It counts, right?

    Now I HAVE to have two tacos this week. I thought I was going all beef cheeks but there is nothing that I DON’T want to try about that viet pork. Yum.

  2. I need to make a trip to the Cumming Tap for Tacos- Maybe next week if you are planning to continue doing that. :-)

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