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Flat Tire Lounge/Tacopocalypse Pairing!


You may have witnessed a few of our special Tacopocalypse trips up to see our friends at the Flat Tire Lounge in Madrid, Iowa during the course of last “winter” and wondered “how can we get this kind of fun stuff on a regular basis up in the High Trestle Trail neck of the woods?”  Here is the answer:

We have paired up with the Flat Tire Lounge to provide Tacopocalypse Tacos to you EVERY THURSDAY EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY!  That’s right, every Thursday (even this Thursday) you can ride your bike (or take whatever transportation you choose) to the FTL in Madrid for some tacos.  We plan on starting around 3 pm, although the time could change to 2 or to 4 depending on your demand and travel times.  We are always open to suggestion.

One of my favorite spots in the state. I love this bridge.

So…we will see you this Thursday in Madrid for some wild taco action, and when the tacos are done there may be a 10pm ride to the HTT Bridge to hang out with the staff!  Oh yeah!

Taco Pastorius

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