Making Some Changes

Hello, Taco Likers!  As Tacopocalypse finishes up its fourth year in the East Village we are making some adjustments to better serve you, and keep things smooth running on our side.  We appreciate all of the love and admiration you’ve thrown our way, all of the support you have shown, and we have some new and potentially exciting food coming your way in return.  Here’s what’s going down:

  • Please welcome the Burrito Of The Week. The BOD (Burrito Of The Day) is now the BOW (Burrito Of The Week).  Over the last 5 years of coming up with a different burrito 6 days a week I have received a lot of feedback from you all.  The overwhelming response is “We just come in and order the BOD, it’s always good and different.” Awesome, that’s what I was shooting for back in the day.  The Other Overwhelming response was that a lot of people, and I mean A LOT, were a little sad to miss out on certain burritos after learning about them too late.  The BOW solves this FOMO issue for many, as you can obviously get the burrito you saw on Wednesday night for Lunch on Thursday.  No Mo FOMO.
  • Tacopocalypse East Village will be closed on Mondays until summer. I never wanted to join the ranks of No Monday Restaurants, but it’s time for us to pull the plug on Monday until it’s nice and sunny out again.  We will be using Monday as a prep and delivery day, and be back open bright and shiny at 11am on Tuesday.  My apologies to the Monday crowd. Monday Lunch will be back, it’s just a small break.
  • Tacopocalypse is getting a new Vegan Menu.  I have been personally developing new Vegan recipes for our upcoming Sibling Restaurant, Vegetaire, and have also gone back to my former Vegan lifestyle.  This gave me some insight into the need to shake the cobwebs out of the Tacopocalypse Vegan offerings.  Soy free and gluten free Vegan/Vegetarian options are at the top of the list, with a focus on fresh veggies, Jackfruit, and introducing our new Vegan Cheese for Quesadillas/Nachos. Yeah, Real Vegan Nachos. I’m stoked. The new menu will drop in May.
  • The Cumming Tap Tacopocalypse Tuesdays are back.  We have returned to the place where it all began. This is the ORIGINAL Des Moines taco ride that has helped launch a restaurant, a few careers, and some Food Network appearances.  Tacos are being served from 5pm to 9pm, or until we run out.  Get on your bike, ride south on the Great Western Trail, and be a part of making this year the greatest year we have seen.

Again, thank you for all of the love both locally and nationwide.  It’s been a thrilling ride to get here, and we are looking forward to providing you all some more thrills this year, and in the years that come.  Thank you for your support.

Sam Auen, Creator


New Year’s Eve Special Dinner Announcement!

Tacopocalypse New Years Eve Dinner


On December 31st, 2013, Tacopocalypse will be hosting a special menu New Year’s Eve Prix Fixe dinner at their East Village location (621 Des Moines Street).  A six course menu will be offered, with dishes spanning the breadth of cultures and cuisines which inspire their daily offerings, including  hints of Spain, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, and North America.  Vegan/vegetarian course options will also be offered.  No corkage fee will be charged for BYOB, and a complimentary champagne toast will be offered at the end of the meal to ring in the beginning of your New Year’s Eve festivities.  This is a very limited availability, single seating reservation only dinner priced at $65 per guest.   Seating begins at 5:30, dinner begins promptly at 6.  Tickets available at the Tacopocalypse location or through




Volunteer Information For Thanksgiving CISS Dinner!

In case I have missed anyone in our email blast, here is the information on where/when to be to help out with our Thanksgiving meal this coming Thursday and Central Iowa Shelter and Services:

Thanksgiving Dinner Volunteer Information


For Thanksgiving Dinner serving volunteers, please report to:


Central Iowa Shelter and Services

1420 Mulberry St, Des Moines, IA 50309


around 5:30 PM, Thursday, November 28th.  Ask for a Volunteer Coordinator, they will assist you.   Plan on being at the event until 8:00 pm or a little later.


A deep thanks to you from CISS, Young Professional Connection, and Tacopocalypse for taking time out of your holiday to help those who are truly in need. 


Sam Auen

Chef/Owner Tacopocalypse


Please Combat Hunger! and News.

Hola, Taco Fans. Tacopocalypse will not be serving mobile at Combat Hunger (12th and Locust) today due to the extreme cold.  Our mobile setup does not support this sort of weather, and it is unfortunate that Mom Nature has seen fit to make this weekend our second cold snap.  I urge you to still stop and donate food and money to help those that are less fortunate.  Tacopocalypse raised $80 yesterday through meal sales, and our workers donated almost $40 in tips earned.  I will personally match that $120 and donate 5% of our friday lunch sales directly to Combat Hunger.  So visit the CH Encampment to donate, or have lunch with us at 621 Des Moines Street and a portion of every one of your lunch dollars will go to the Food Bank Of Iowa. Thank you to all who came out of their warm surroundings yesterday to support such a great cause, so many people are counting on this to make their holiday special.

Chef Sam

A Word From The Kitchen

I want to thank you all for the great support that you have shown since we have opened our downtown location!  My expectations have been blown out of the water. It has been a blast coming up with different daily burritos and seeing just what you folks are really into.  Our push pop program has been okay, but our ice cream program has been growing so much that we will soon be expanding and producing much more ice cream (yeah, you’re probably thinking “great idea, expand on frozen desserts right before winter” and yes, it seems silly.  BUT our best ice cream sales have come on the coldest, dreariest days. Comfort food.).  There are some more pretty cool changes on the horizon, which will be unveiled soon.  I’m excited.


It’s Time To Order Jerseys!!!!!


You can submit your pre-orders for the new Tacopocalypse cycling jersey, from Primal Wear (See below picture for final design), between 8/23/13 and 9/3/13. Send an email to [email protected] with “Jersey Order” in the subject line. Within the email, please let us know what quantity and size(s) you will need. You will then receive a return email for pre-payment information with balance due.  Also you can give us this information in person if you would like!  

Jerseys are $65 each and are available in Women’s Sport Cut and Men’s Sport Cut from XS to 5XL.  

Tank tops are an option, but only if we hit the minimum order number of 12. 

We look forward to getting a giant team of Taco Likers together in their jerseys for a fun ride!!!


Press Release: Tacopocalypse Opening In East Village

Local Mobile Food Favorite Tacopocalypse Brings “Devastatingly Good” Cuisine To The East Village

August 5, 2013

Des Moines, Iowa

Former Downtown Farmers Market favorite and champion of local mobile food, Tacopocalypse, will be bringing their famous atypical hand crafted tacos to Des Moines’s East Village late August. The highly anticipated new venture, the first official store front for Tacopocalypse, will occupy the building at 621 Des Moines Street, which formerly housed the restaurant Luna.

“I’m very excited to finally be downtown and to be a part of the East Village neighborhood. I have watched this area grow and flourish for the last ten years,” said Chef/Owner Sam Auen, “it is home to some of my favorite businesses and restaurants in the metro, and I can’t wait for Tacopocalypse to be a part of the family!”

The menu will include all of the classic hand pressed corn tortilla tacos such as Bacon Chorizo, Bulgogi, Vegan Chorizo, Korean Chicken, along with new flavors being developed for the new location. Vietnamese sandwiches, Banh Mi, will be added to the offerings as well as new appetizers. The vegan/vegetarian options will be expanded, and the favorites from the “Burrito Of The Day” will be on an always-available burrito menu. A selection of local beers and specialty soft drinks will be offered.

The new family friendly location will be serving lunch and dinner Monday through Friday, and their fan favorite Brunchpocalypse every Saturday and Sunday. They will also be offering bike delivery to the East Village and late night dining on Friday and Saturday.

Direct all press inquiries to [email protected]

Why We Love Fridays, Especially While Serving You Lunch.

Taco Lovers,

We love Fridays, but not in the traditional “day job, work week’s over” way, more of the “we love seeing everyone enjoying the end of their work week” way.  You see, many of you out there have a week that revolves around business hours, our week revolves around the hours during which you are ready to forget about work and enjoy yourselves, even if just for a short time…like a lunch hour.

DID SOMEONE SAY LUNCH? Yes, it was mentioned and it IS THAT TIME AGAIN for you all to join us at BOMBAY BICYCLE CLUB for yet another amazingly astounding (and hyperbole laden) FRIDAY LUNCH PARTY!!!!!!!  This week we have the usual favorites like our AWARD WINNING TACOS, our semi-well-know Taco Salad, Unmatched Nachos, little special other things, and our two lunch specials. Which are:

SOUP OF THE (FRI)DAY: POSOLE - our take on the traditional Mexican Pork and Hominy stew, it has been described by an entire table of diners as “the best f#cking thing I have ever put in my mouth.” It is, evidently, THAT good.

BURRITO:  Bul Go Gi Burrito - Korean BBQ Beef, Home Made Kimchi, and a hot Cous Cous pilaf with a little cucumber and hot sauce thrown in for good measure.  I just had one, and it is astounding.  Why Cous Cous? Well, I don’t like filling burritos with rice. There are plenty of people out there who take care of that thing,  Tacopocalypse does not subscribe to the Rice/Burrito philosophy.


Lunch served from 11 am until 4 pm.

See you then

Taco Pastorius

It’s TUESDAY Again! Taco Menu For Cumming Tap!

Taco Lovers,

It is again that day, the day on which all places taco near and far have some kind of CRAZY taco action to tell you about.  It’s Taco Tuesday. wee.  It’s not only Taco Tuesday, but also…


THIS day is extra special within the realm of our tacos, because of our unique brand of food stuff and our lovely location right along the Great Western Trail in Cumming, Iowa.  You will not find a better taco in this state, or most of the surrounding area, especially not in a tiny town like Cumming (I am not just saying this because I am the one who produces said tacos, this is a conglomeration of feedback from taco lovers like you).  AND WE ALSO HAVE $2.50 DRAFTS OF NEW BELGIUM BREWING FAT TIRE BEER. WHAT WHAT? Yep.

Tonight’s Menu:

  • Braised Pork
  • Korean Chicken
  • Bacon Chorizo
  • Vegan Chorizo
  • Sweet Potato and Parsnip - this is our new flavor which made its debut one week ago and has gone on to be a huge hit! It even elicited at least one marriage proposal for your not so humble chef here.

That is what is going down tonight.  We will be serving from 4 until 10pm, due to a few promised late comers and folks riding out after Cyclocross practice.  Take advantage of another beautiful day to ride, imbibe, and take down a few tacos.


Taco Pastorius

two notes: 1. We are also open at Bombay Bicycle Club tonight serving our full menu. 2. Tacopocalypse/Cumming Tap Tuesday will go on for the entire year, all fall, all winter. Stay tuned here for any information on closings, etc.  We will be open every Tuesday, weather permitting.

Friday Lunch Party/WFF Demo


Friday Lunch Party is happening again tomorrow from 11 to 4 at Bombay Bicycle Club! That is right FIFTY CENT DOMESTIC DRAFT BEER, ONE DOLLAR IMPORT DRAFTS! AND SOME MUTHAFLIPPIN TACOPOCALYPSE FOOD!

Soups: Cuban Black Bean (vegan), Pozole (pork and hominy stew)

Burrito Thing: Wasabi Brisket Burrito! Ginger Braised Brisket, some crazy rice blend thing, and peppers wrapped up in a burrito shaped missile thing, covered with our Smoked Queso and garnished with Wasabi Crema. Eat this.

AND THEN AT 5pm YOU CAN JOIN CHEF SAM AT THE WORLD FOOD FESTIVAL FOR A COOKING DEMONSTRATION AND A LITTLE Q&A SESSION. East 4th and Locust! We will be demonstrating our take on Chorizo Verde and serving some sample sized tacos of said chorizo. Fun. You even get little recipe cards!

See you Friday…and then Saturday

Taco Pastorius