Our Story

Our story?  Yes, it is true that this all began with me, your taco chef person, and a sort-of vision to make some bomb-ass tacos and maybe serve them at the Cumming Tap in Cumming, Iowa…or serve them downtown Des Moines from a bicycle or something…but I didn’t really know what or how this was going to be accomplished or whether it was worth my time.  Back then the name Tacopocalypse wasn’t even a twinkle in my eye, just a little thing that a few friends showed up to partake in.  I mean, some tacos and some New Belgium Fat Tire beer, some good friends, sharing cycling stories and carrying on, what a great start.  I was pretty happy with how things were working out.

Enter the “Our” in “Our Story,” this means you.  The little taco night in a tiny town south of the Metro caught a little Twitter buzz, people started driving down from as far away as Ames, Iowa (ok, so 50 miles isn’t really that far, but it is if you are just coming down for some “bar tacos) to partake in the original Braised Pork Shoulder, Vegan Chorizo, Slaw, and hand pressed tortillas.  At this time the taco night deserved a name, and through the power of Twitter (which is how I get almost everything done these days) a name was born.  TACOPOCALYPSE.

More social media buzz created more Taco Likers, which created more buzz, which brought the Tacopocalypse to the attention of some people who wanted to see this whole thing go a little further.  I was approached to bring Tacopocalypse to the Des Moines Downtown Farmers’ Market.  I said yes.  Now here we are, making thousands of tacos every week, getting much loved…um…love from our friends and the local press, standing on the cusp of expanding and bringing you a permanent location to get down with your Taco Liking selves.

I am here for you, because of you, and any time you have something to say I will listen (but don’t make it too long, I have a very short attention span within the confines of interpersonal communication).  Thank you, the Taco Likers, for making me make this happen.  Now eat your tacos.


8 thoughts on “Our Story

  1. Hey, quick ? for ya. I know you have a ton of bikes, and I’m looking to buy a commuter and ride that to work instead of my nicer road bike that I like to baby, am just curious if you have any that you may be wanting to get rid of. My email is [email protected] if you do. Thanks!

  2. I am currently living in Alaska. I have a friend living in Des Moines. We were talking the other day about me coming to visit. He said there is NOTHING to do there. He’s at the Free daco thing y’all are doin today outside the Temple for the Performing Arts. The name blew my mind. After some research, I am fuckin jazzed to come and put your tacos in my mouth very soon! If I had any suggestion (seems a little early for suggestions I know but…) it’d be to do tacos de lenguas! The meat is super cheap and can be done up soooooo tasty! Boom there’s my input. Cheers!

    • Ryan, thank you for the input and we look forward to seeing you in our little taco universe. As far as Lengua goes, we do a pork tongue taco which gets thrown in the rotation every so often. Our menu is very revolving, featuring pork cheeks, tongue, beef cheeks, and many other awesome cuts. See you soon!

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  4. I grew up in DM, but I’ve lived in Southern CA for about 23 years. I just watched your episode of Guy’s Triple D…. Right after another episode featuring “George the Chili King”! I then checked out your menu. I think after today I have a reason to visit all my family back in the DM after 13 years!!

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