East Village House Menu

Welcome to the Tacopocalypse East Village Menu!

Click Here For Our Vegan Menu

(V) = Vegetarian (VG) = Vegan

Please specify any food allergies or special dietary restrictions when ordering, we will always do our utmost to accommodate.

One for $3 or Two for $5

Braised Pork
Bacon Chorizo
Korean Chicken
Wasabi Beef
Bulgogi (Korean Beef)
Potato Poblano (V)
Seitan Andouille (VG)
Korean Tofu (VG)
Vegan Chorizo (VG)

Meat Boat $5 – two tacos worth of meat, slaw, and sauce with no tortilla, served on a small bed of greens. Your choice of any the above taco flavors

Burritos $8

Burrito of the Week
Chicken Bacon Ranch
Red Curry Chicken w/ Fried Rice
I Can’t Believe It’s Not a Breakfast Burrito
Bulgogi & Kimchi Fried Rice w/ Fried Egg*
Seitan Andouille Poblano Potato w/ Smoky Tomato Sauce (VG)
Tofu Ranch (V)
Red Curry Tofu (VG)

Masa Fries

A Tacopocalypse original creation, we mix potatoes with Masa Flour and spices, then form them into fries, fry them, then top them to the hilt. Featured on Food Network’s Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives w/Guy Fieri! 

Masa Fry Poutine – Milton Curds topped w/Mushroom Gravy (V)

Cheese Fry – Fries topped w/ our House Made Queso

House Masa Fry – Topped w/ House Made Queso, your choice of Taco Flavor (Includes corresponding slaw and sauce, if any, specific to the taco flavor choice)

Nachos $8

Fresh fried chips & house made queso topped with your choice of one taco flavor and small sides of sour cream and guacamole

Quesadilla $8

A giant flour tortilla grilled w/ Chihuahua Cheese And Your Choice Of Taco Flavor, served w/ small side of sour cream

Chips And…

Salsa $3
Guacamole $4
Queso $4

Side of Chips $2

Soups $4

Spicy Tomato Soup
Soup Of Today


Fresh House Made Guacamole – Small $1.50, Large $3.00
Sour Cream $1
Queso $3
187 Sauce (hot sauce) $0.50
House Sauce (Spicy Mayo, Adobo Crema, Wasabi Aioli) $0.50


Vegan Desserts prepared by our Pastry Chef Nicole. Stop by or call the store for our current selection.

*Fried Eggs may have runny yolk, eggs cooked hard upon request
(v) vegan   (veg) vegetarian

16 thoughts on “East Village House Menu

  1. Totally jealous here in WA state where we can’t find good Mexican food. Your menu has me drooling on the keyboard…THANKS!

  2. Pingback: Road Trip: Des Moines, Iowa

  3. fair overpriced food, coming from an arizona man. ok for the iowa palate. save your money and go to other places. Feel proud though your not as bad as the worse of the worse…Tasty Taco.

    • The Iowa palette? I wasn’t aware that Arizona desert food was such an American delicacy… you should educate us yokels and post a recipe or two.

    • Hey josie it’s totally affordable and i am just a poor Iowa man that has returned to his birthplace after living in Central America for the last three years. Before that I was in S. Korea for eight months eating kimchi and bibimbap. Your palate could be more refined than mine as i am only an Iowan that eats whole pigs and corn on the cob when here. You should know something about tacos and food fusion considering the geographic location of Arizona. The name Tacopacolypse is so great and the food styles are so creatively blended. Did I mention it is yummy and cheap?

  4. Watching you on food network right now as you show Guy how tacos are perfected. Dying over here in Jersey… I may have to make a trip just for some yummies, haha!

  5. Just finished my two seitan tacos and they were ah-maze-ing!! Incredibly flavorful and the in-house-made corn tortillas tasted like pure magic. Added bonus is that all working there tonight were super cute!

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