It’s TUESDAY Again! Taco Menu For Cumming Tap!

Taco Lovers,

It is again that day, the day on which all places taco near and far have some kind of CRAZY taco action to tell you about.  It’s Taco Tuesday. wee.  It’s not only Taco Tuesday, but also…


THIS day is extra special within the realm of our tacos, because of our unique brand of food stuff and our lovely location right along the Great Western Trail in Cumming, Iowa.  You will not find a better taco in this state, or most of the surrounding area, especially not in a tiny town like Cumming (I am not just saying this because I am the one who produces said tacos, this is a conglomeration of feedback from taco lovers like you).  AND WE ALSO HAVE $2.50 DRAFTS OF NEW BELGIUM BREWING FAT TIRE BEER. WHAT WHAT? Yep.

Tonight’s Menu:

  • Braised Pork
  • Korean Chicken
  • Bacon Chorizo
  • Vegan Chorizo
  • Sweet Potato and Parsnip - this is our new flavor which made its debut one week ago and has gone on to be a huge hit! It even elicited at least one marriage proposal for your not so humble chef here.

That is what is going down tonight.  We will be serving from 4 until 10pm, due to a few promised late comers and folks riding out after Cyclocross practice.  Take advantage of another beautiful day to ride, imbibe, and take down a few tacos.


Taco Pastorius

two notes: 1. We are also open at Bombay Bicycle Club tonight serving our full menu. 2. Tacopocalypse/Cumming Tap Tuesday will go on for the entire year, all fall, all winter. Stay tuned here for any information on closings, etc.  We will be open every Tuesday, weather permitting.

Project Bullhorn Announced, Doesn’t Make

Oh Shiznitz. During all of the excitement of yesterday’s big announcement and getting ready for/going to/serving at the Flat Tire Lounge, SOMEBODY FORGOT TO POST THE PRESS RELEASE FOR OUR BIG F+%KING NEWS THING! That was me. Sorry, so here is the news that you couldn’t get here yesterday, although the rest of the world saw it on tens of other internnnnnat outlets.

AND HERE’S OUR HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT!!! The following is the press release we just dropped. Sam Auen from TACOPOCALYPSE has joined forces with BBC. Read on…

BOMBAY BICYCLE CLUB TO BLOW YOUR MIND WITH TACOPOCALYPSEBombay Bicycle Club, a live music bar in Clive, is proud to announce a holy alliance with Sam Auen, the Chef and CEO of Tacopocalypse. BBC will be the new permanent home for Tacopocalypse. Chef Sam will offer his famous farmer’s market grade tacos at Bombay Bicycle Club starting Monday, June 4th. Tacos will be available from 4pm-11pm, Monday through Saturday.

“We’re thrilled to join forces with TACOPOCALPYSE,” said Bombay Bicycle Club co-owner Jeremy Mahler. “Sam has a great cult following and it’s going to be fun to have his skills in our kitchen.”TACOPOCALYPSE features gourmet tacos which include Thai Cviche, vegan chorizo, Korean chicken, wasabi brisket, braised pork and seared ahi tuni tacos. Auen sources the vast majority of his ingredients from local farms including Mingo’s Cleverley Farms and meat from local, sustainable farmers. In addition to regular menu items, Chef Auen says he will offer weekly specials that will range from tomales to unique nachos to Asian/Mexican fusion dishes. All the Tacopocalypse shells are freshly made organic corn pressed tortillas.

TACOPOCALYPSE fans also reacted to the news.“I eat Sam’s tacos to gain the strength of 100 unicorns,” said Chuck Norris.

“HULK SMASH TACO,” added Dr. Bruce Banner.Founded in 2010, Bombay Bicycle Club is located at 8410 Hickman Road in Clive. BBC has hosted hundreds of bands on its stage and continues to host some of the Metro area’s best live music from rock to hip hop to reggae to bluegrass. They have over 30 beers on tap.

this is it.

So there you have it, this means you will be able to enjoy Tacopocalypse SIX DAYS A WEEK.  This will include Monday Thru Saturday dinner service from 4 to 11, a special weekly FRIDAY LUNCH (think Sunday funday on Friday) and other special events. WE WILL ALSO BE AT ALL OF OUR MOBILE EVENTS INCLUDING Tacopocalypse Tuesdays at Cumming Tap, Thursday Night Flat Tire Lounge Tacopocalypse, the AMAZING DOWNTOWN FARMERS MARKET on Saturdays, 80/35, Winefest, and Ankeny Unplugged among others.

I think that you will be very pleased with our new digs and our new food offerings.  It’s going to be a good time. We will see you there.

Taco Pastorius.


Des Moines Has Voted: We’re #2! We’re #2!

Our Tacos are taking over Des Moines

I just received unconfirmed word from Twitter that the results of the DSM Metromix Ten Best Tacos Reader Voted On Contest Thing are finally in.  We here at the T’lypse have been not-so-closely monitoring the contest as it has unfolded and are all (one of us) shocked at the final outcome.  Tacopocalypse, in it’s less-than-year-old infancy has managed to secure a #2 spot right behind Des Moines “taco” staples Tasty Tacos.  As the little Tasty Taco mascot guy says on their packaging, “Nada es Imposible,’ and lil homeboy couldn’t be more correct.  What started as some food that was made for some guys at the end of a gravel bike ride is now currently, according to the Greater Des Moines Voting Public, the #2 taco in town.  Many have commented that we are in fact the number one in their mouths, stomachs, and hearts…we believe them.  I am fairly certain the persons that make up the 40% of the votes received by TT have3 never tasted one of our tacos.  But when it comes down to the real nitty gritty…

Des Moines voted Tacopocalypse the Number Two Taco in umm uh… Des Moines.

The Truth. (awesome image credit: @slakingfool)

Thank you, Taco Likers.  You are the reason we do what we do, and you clearly have an appreciation for what it is that we are doing for you.

One (Taco) Love,


Juice Magazine/Metromix Speaks On Tacopocalypse

Ok, we here at the Tacopocalypse compound have been meaning to do a lot of things, one of them being the hunting, gathering, and reposting of some of the (so far) kind words from those who write words reflecting opinions regarding food and food stuffs.  This first addition to our “Press” page is a wonderful piece written by Tim Paluch, editor of Juice Magazine here in Des Moines.  It goes a little something like this, HIT IT!


Someone hand Sam Auen a medal. No, a crown forged from ancient gold. No, a small island nation. The man behind Tacopocalypse surely must have been visited by a taco diety, who laid upon Sam his God-like hands and whispered into his ear a mission: “Bacon. Chorizo. Go forth, my son.”

Traditionalists be damned. Auen’s star taco mixes smoky and salty bits of bacon with ground chorizo, then is topped with a fresh, crunchy slaw that nails the texture. Add a spoonful of onion, a few cilantro leaves and maybe a bit of sauce (two options were both tame in terms of heat) to the handmade tortilla, and you’re set. It’s like a tiny baseball glove filled with Niman Ranch magic, served by a guy in bicycle gear sporting a beard so epic, Tom Hanks’ character in “Cast Away” would slink away into a cave to hide his shame. — Tim Paluch

Here is a link to the original article at Metromix Des Moines, which is also accompanied by a “what’s your favorite taco poll.”  I suggest you vote for us.