It’s A Farmer’s Market Menu-athalon

The HyVee Triathalon is happening this weekend, on Sunday to be exact.  We are celebrating by doing this whole taco thing this week in the name of running, swimming, and (mostly) biking. I have a good personal friend, world famous Ironman Triathlete Kale Halder, who swears by our tacos for his training and recovery meals while on the pain train (aka training for Ironman and/or road racing).  If Kale Halder performs better with the help of Tacopocalypse, so can you…or you could be an even better spectator!

This guy trains with Tacopocalypse. Fact.

(Kale Halder’s image, name, and skewed quote used completely without permission, but Kale, ir you see this, I will hook you up with a few free tacos…yeah?)

menu Menu MENU!





Today Is The Big Day!

Well, Taco Lovers, the day has finally arrived.  We here at the Tacopocalypse HQ were just reminiscing about the old days when we were just doing this to have fun and didn’t think it would ever really amount to anything.  There was just a great desire to ride our bikes, serve some great tacos, and ride our bikes some more.  We thought things like “maybe someday we will have a taco truck or a food cart somewhere.”  We were (sort of) dreamers. The kind that Ronnie James Dio sang about, but without all that dragon stuff.  Not that we don’t like dragon stuff. um…

We are no longer the same sort of dreamers.  We bypassed what we had wished for in the beginning and went straight to having a “brick and mortar” spot to serve our Almost-Famous tacos.  We have an actual kitchen with a real line with actual stations and the ability to do whatever we want with the menu (except stop making tacos).  This is far beyond the original plan.  Way beyond.  Like real job kinda beyond.  And we are breaking records every week at the Downtown Farmers Market and Cumming Tap.  And from the sounds of things, we are doing a good enough job to keep you all coming back to see what else we can do. I love it. You won’t find many folks smiling at the end of 18 hours of kitchen work, but that’s the pot of gold you will find on my face at the end of  my rainbow of a work day.

Why am I smiling?  Because at the end of every long day I know that my efforts and the efforts of my team are making other people happy.  When it comes down to it we aren’t in it for the money or the recognition, we are in this to make people happy and to have a good time while doing so.

so far so good.

I guess this is the part where I tell you that I look forward to seeing you all at our mobile spots, but take a trip out to Clive to our new digs at the Bombay Bicycle Club and check out what I have been working on for your mouths. (it might be the only rock  bar in the midwest where you can get Ceviche) There are a lot of new things going on out here, and we are constantly evolving…which is why our first two menus were just written on the backs of old show posters.  Printing menus seems to final and not very fun at all.  I will be posting a new page here on specifically for the BBC menu, but will be blogging about what special things we have going on as they roll out of our kitchen.

Where is this place?  8410 Hickman Avenue in Clive.  Live music, great beer selection (they even sell my favorite beer, 40’s of Old English 800), and a top notch chef-driven menu of Latin and Asian foods.  And Tacos.  You seem to love what we have going on everywhere else, take it to the next level.  BUT WE DON’T WANT YOU TO PUT A RING ON IT JUST YET.

Taco Pastorius

Downtown Mini Market Tomorrow!

Taco Lovers, Produce Lovers, all people who love the combination of Cleverley Farms and Tacopocalypse!  Tomorrow is a great day for you all!  Larry Cleverley and I will be hosting a ‘Mini-Market” pop-up thing in front of the Royal Mile on historic 4th street in Downtown Des Moines from 10 am to 2 pm Saturday.  You can get some great produce straight from your favorite farmer’s hands and the Tacopocalypse goodness you have grown to love (tacos AND Breakfast Things, AND our new Market Potatoes!), which will also include some of Larry’s amazing produce.  It’s going to be a real Champagne Jam!

Obligatory David Lee Roth Pic Means Business. Party Business.

Also, those of you who were wondering if we were still participating due to our exclusion from the wonderful Des Moines Register’s announcement.  We are definitely in, even though the Curmudgeon Formerly Known As The Datebook Diner chose to “overlook” us.

So…Join Tacopocalypse and Cleverley Farms for some wild Saturday fun.  10-2, 4th Street. DSM

Taco Pastorius.

Think About This During Your Weekend

Taco Likers!  We have been absent from the taco scene for a few weeks, dealing with this and that and the other thing.  To make up for this grave inconvenience visited upon your taco liking selves we have TWO events coming up next week, and we are planning on showing up for BOTH DAYS! YAY!

Tuesday, January 31

It’s the last of the month and time for Tacopocalypse Tuesday at the Cumming Tap in bustling Cumming, Iowa.  We will be starting up the taco service at 3:00 pm and going until 9 or 10 or whenever Bob and I get tired of having fun with you.  Tacos are still 2 for $5, and Fat Tire Pints are $2.50.  What are we serving?  I hear rumors that we will be serving Braised Pork, Vegan Chorizo, Chorizo Verde, and Wasabi Brisket.  That hasn’t been confirmed, but you can almost bank on it…

Thursday, February 2

Thursday night we will be at the Flat Tire Lounge in lovely Madrid, Iowa serving up our hand pressed tortilla-hugged taco fillings and scratch made salsas and slaw and the other stuff.  They will be serving up $7 pitchers of Fat Tire (!) along side our tacos.  What’s the Menu? We aren’t telling yet, there are a few surprises in store…maybe a new item we are testing our for the Downtown Farmers’ Market…stay tuned.

There are two things to consider putting on your calendar for next week while you are enjoying your weekend.  We would love to see you (and you know who you are)

Taco Pastorius

Tuespocalypse Tacoday Tonight.

Yes, oh TacoLovers, tonight is really happening.  It’s going to be a beautiful evening to ride you bike (or drive your gas-powered vehicle if you are so inclined), share some stories from your weekend (maybe including the 2nd Annual Tweed Ride) over amazing tacos (seriously, they are), and take advantage of $2.50 pints of New Belgium Fat Tire beer.  Come out for food, fun, a ride, or just to see your favorite taco chef (Me) and your favorite cycling bar owner/tender, Bob Moural.  We should be set up to start around 5, and will be featuring the Wasabi Brisket, Braised Pork, Korean Chicken, and Vegan Chorizo you have come to know and love.  I promise that we will mix it up a little soon, but this menu has been a hit.  Thinking about bacon, curry cheek, and some other classics…maybe a few new items.  Those of you who stick with us through the long-ish winter months will be rewarded with being part of the R&D for next year’s Farmers’ Market treats, including the forthcoming Tacopocalypse Chili, and some new salsas.  Speaking of which, 187 sauce was a victory and will be on the condiment table tonight.


Taco Pastorius

Something Wasabi This Way Comes

Taco Likers, even though there are only two more DTFM’s left in the season, we are still hard at work on new items.  It’s not as if the Tacopocalypse will completely stop rolling after the end of this month, but the bulk of our new face sighting comes during the Market and we try to keep things as fresh and new as possible for the tens of thousands that roll through on a weekly basis.  Or something like that.

Our Fall Brisket taco has been quite a hit the last two weeks, but something different popped from taste buds to brain the other day when dining at a local establishment.  WHY HAVEN’T OUR TACOS FEATURED SOME KIND OF WASABI PASTE THING?  After spending some time as a sushi person, wasabi lost a little of its lustre, but it is time to bring it back.  This week we have a new taco, a Gingered Brisket with Wasabi Crema and Pickled Daikon.  We have tried a few, and you should be warned that this new taco is pretty addictive.  But what else do we have for tomorrow?  Here it is:

Next-To-Last DTFM Menu

  • Braised Pork

  • Vegan Chorizo

  • Korean Chicken w/Kimchee

  • Bacon Chorizo

  • Gingered Brisket w/Wasabi Crema and Pickled Daikon

  • Tofu Scramble

We will also have on hand some cumin spiced Breakfast Potatoes that can be added to your Breakfast Thing for a small upcharge.  These were a big hit at last week’s Des Moines Marathon, and we are sorry that we have been so anti-tater up until this point.  If our friend Jarad is lucky, we may even fry up some peppers for the potatoes.

We will see you tomorrow, and remember to dress warm.  It’s going to start off a little chilly, but we have the food goods to warm you up. (and the first people to dine with us at the market will be treated to complimentary coffee this week.  Offer good until the coffee is gone! This coffee deal is out of our appreciation for those of you who rise early and brave the cold with us to share in some taco goodness, and also to justify Chef Sam’s purchase of what was going to end up being his own personal air pot.)

Taco Pastorius

It’s The First (Tacopocalypse) Of The Month…

October 1 is World Vegetarian Day, the day that kicks off Vegetarian Awareness Month and in its observance we here at Tacopocalypse will have another vegan taco for you to Like.  Chef Sam’s famed Tofu Scramble will be served at the #DTFM in taco form (of course).  We will also have another new taco (oh, there’s one more new taco, see the menu) in the form of the very non-vegetarian Chicken Picadillo.  Let’s see what else is going on….

Menu For #DTFM, October 1

  • Breakfast Thing!  Eggs, Tortillas, Chihauhau Cheese, MORE CHEESE, Your choice of taco fillings, and topped with Tacopocalypse Slaw!  It is an experience you will never forget.  Ask for it by name, BREAKFAST THING.

  • Tofu Scramble- NEW - Marinated tofu, mushrooms, onions, garlic, and some other fresh veggies we will acq0uire at the market in the morning all sauteed together with our special Scramble Spice mix.  Served on our hand pressed corn tortillas and topped with slaw.  Totally Vegetarian, Totally Awesome.

  • Vegan Chorizo - Chorizo. But Vegan. How? Easy. Eat it and enjoy!

  • Chicken Picadillo - NEW -Chicken cooked in a sauce of herbs, garlic, and spices then pulled apart and put into YET ANOTHER SAUCE of roasted ancho peppers, more herbs, more spices.  Totally Legit.  Our second ever chicken taco, and surprisingly something traditional.

  • Braised Pork - Yes, this is the stuff that makes traditional Carnitas hide its head like an ostrich.  It’s that good.

  • Chorizo Verde - The “fresh garden flavor” of our Verde is becoming the next Tacopocalypse classic.

  • Italian Pork - NEW - we ran a test of this stuff on Taco Tuesday to great success.  This is literally an Italianized version of our classic Braised Pork served with Juniper Pickled Red Onions (instead of Slaw).  Try some today, this is definitely a limited time only item and will not be back for a while.

And of course you can expect the usual fresh veggies, slaw, hand made salsas and terrible humor from the staff that you get at every #DTFM Tacopocalypse experience.

We look forward to seeing you at 2nd & Court Ave Saturday morning.  Open at 7, close at noon.


Things Greater Than Mountains Prevail!

Dear TacoLikers,

We recently had an eighth-grade-crush on a name which we thought might have been a little better descriptor of our beloved thing for breakfast, the Breakfast Thing…or Breakfast Mountain?  Because we felt so strongly an immature feeling of namular changeage, it was decided that we should take this to the mean streets of the interweb, into your capable taco liking, decision making hands.

The Breakfast Thing Retains Its Name! photo crtsy our friend slakingfool

After four days of rigorous polling, the votes have been tallied and the decision has been made, The Breakfast Thing, while resembling a Breakfast Mountain, will remain the Breakfast Thing from here until eternity.



We at Tacopocalypse thank those of you who exercised your rights as official Taco (and Breakfast Thing) LIkers and voted to keep the name that launched the thing.  As a gift to those of you who are fans of the BT, we will be providing plastic knives this weekend to aid in the consumption of your favorite DTFM food (even though the die-hard BT likers will tell you to just person-up and pick the thing up like a giant taco).

I think the words of  @iowaradioguy sum it all up (via twitter)r:

Seriously, if you’re still eating burritos at the #dtfm and not @tacopocalypse, you’re missing the whole reason God gave you a stomach

Thank you again for taking part in our poll, see you Saturday for some major Breakfast Thing action.

Taco Pastorius

This Saturday DTFM/Ankeny Unplugged Double Decker Menu Wrecker!


Hello, Taco Likers!  We here at your first (and the greater DSM area’s second) favorite taco making operation are proud to announce that this weekend should run a little smoother than last weekend!  It turns out that the combination of Friday Night Sips In The City/Saturday Morning Farmers Market was a little more than the boss should have…well, if you were at either you know the point of this.  Our chef was having a really good time, and enjoyed every second of both events (except about one hour of chaos saturday morning.  whoops.) Really. Good. Time.

Feline Depiction Of Our Chef Between Last Friday and Saturday Events

Let’s reflect a little.  Sips In The City was amazing.  We were fortunate enough to have a great booth location bestowed upon us, even though we are the NKOTB.  Our tiny “Taco Canapes” were a  huge hit, serving a grand total of 1350 1.75 inch hand pressed corn tortillas (not a fun undertaking) topped with Vegan Chorizo, Braised Pork, or Beef Cheek.  There was a line of at least 15 taco wanters at all time.  For three hours.  amazing.  We made a lot of new friends that night, and spent some time with some old friends from some great businesses.  Our new team of Elisabeth “Get to the back of the line if you can’t decide” Ballstadt, Shelby “Sauce Spiller” Conklin, and Cyd “Don’t look up, just make tacos” Mull was amazing to work with.  What a great time.  Too Great.

We are also super pumped that we will be participating in Ankeny Unplugged this Saturday from 4 until 9.  Evidently there is a high demand for vegetarian and gluten free items (every single item we serve is gluten free) to be served at this event series, and we are glad to have caught the last one.  Next year we will be there for all their events, if they feel like inviting us back.

So, this brings us to the real subject at hand.  This Weekend.

We have a new flavor to put in your mouths this Saturday, which is a Korean Braised Short Rib with Kimchi.  Yes, some of you more worldly taco likers will recognize this combination from a certain taco truck in a certain state which serves the only “real” tacos in the country (according to the a-hole at the DTFM a few weeks ago).  This will be served at both events saturday.


  • Vegan Chorizo
  • Braised Pork
  • BLT
  • Bacon Chorizo
  • Korean Short Rib

BTW, about the BT last week.  I personally apologise for the exclusion of that from the menu, and for the back up tortilla scandal.  This weekend will be full on, with all normal stuff kicking it all over our menu.  Hey, while you are at our stand, you should pick up some greens and things from our amazing friends Cleverley Farms located exactly one foot west of our booth at 2nd and Court Avenue.

Ankeny Unplugged:

  • Vegan chorizo
  • Braised Pork
  • Korean short rib.

No Breakfast thing, duh.  It’s not breakfast time.

This should be a great day filled with fun and tacos.  Actually I think the word Taco means Fun in some languages.



Des Moines Has Voted: We’re #2! We’re #2!

Our Tacos are taking over Des Moines

I just received unconfirmed word from Twitter that the results of the DSM Metromix Ten Best Tacos Reader Voted On Contest Thing are finally in.  We here at the T’lypse have been not-so-closely monitoring the contest as it has unfolded and are all (one of us) shocked at the final outcome.  Tacopocalypse, in it’s less-than-year-old infancy has managed to secure a #2 spot right behind Des Moines “taco” staples Tasty Tacos.  As the little Tasty Taco mascot guy says on their packaging, “Nada es Imposible,’ and lil homeboy couldn’t be more correct.  What started as some food that was made for some guys at the end of a gravel bike ride is now currently, according to the Greater Des Moines Voting Public, the #2 taco in town.  Many have commented that we are in fact the number one in their mouths, stomachs, and hearts…we believe them.  I am fairly certain the persons that make up the 40% of the votes received by TT have3 never tasted one of our tacos.  But when it comes down to the real nitty gritty…

Des Moines voted Tacopocalypse the Number Two Taco in umm uh… Des Moines.

The Truth. (awesome image credit: @slakingfool)

Thank you, Taco Likers.  You are the reason we do what we do, and you clearly have an appreciation for what it is that we are doing for you.

One (Taco) Love,