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Not-So-Soft Opening Wednesday


Here it is, Taco Lovers…the moment you have been waiting for. Tomorrow is the first official night of tacos at our new home, the Bombay Bicycle Club. We were going to have a low-key preview of our new menu items and a test run of our new quick service um…service BUT a vote was taken and it was decided that WE SHOULD JUST HAVE A GOOD OLE FASHIONED TACO PARTY. AND THAT IS WHAT WE ARE OFFERING YOU, a really awesome night of Tacopocalypse, BBC, live music, and great times. What will we be cooking up? Um…

! Braised Pork
! Vegan Chorizo
! Grilled Tilapia with spicy slaw and Adobo Crema
! Wasabi Brisket
! Korean Chicken
! Bacon Chorizo

What you have is a selection of our most popular tacos, both for the introduction to those whom are new to the taco scene, and to please our long time Taco Lovers. We will also have a few other tricks up our taco sleeves, and you maybe be pleasantly surprised by the…surprise.

Tacos start off at 5, with the live entertainment commencing at 8 pm. It’s going to be a real champagne jam (with no actual champagne, of course). Come see a glimpse of what we have in store for The DSM Metro!

See you Wednesday night!

Taco Pastorius

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