Brunchpocalypse 2: Electric Brunchaloo! (4/8)

This is no April Fools nonsense, Taco Lovers.  Brunchpocalypse has returned for a second pass at your taste buds, this time on Sunday, April 8th from 11 am to 3 pm.  Once again you will have a chance to indulge in all of your favorite TACOPOCALYPSE nom noms including Breakfast Things, Tacos, our NEW AND FINALLY FINALIZED RECIPE BREAKFAST POTATOES, eggs, mimosas, bloody marys, and some other things…

This is no street fight of spinny dance skilz, this is how Brunch was meant to be… BRUNCHPOCALYPSE!!!!!!!


11 AM TO 3 PM Sunday, April 8th

AJ’s On East Court

Downtown Des Moines.

Calm down, street youth, your spinny dance skilllzzz aren't going to get you tacos any faster.

See you Sunday.

Taco Pastorius.

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