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A Few Answers From Taco Pastorius



I have been fielding many of the usual unsolicited business advicings and hilarious-to-me menu suggestions, but a BRAND NEW suggestion/question has been leaking through and, in fact, I heard it from no less than three taco lovers in fifteen minutes.

“Why don’t you-/You should- have a restaurant.”

First off, thank you very much for enjoying what I have been doing so far.  It has been both challenging and fun making people so happy that they have stood up and applauded during their meals as I pass by.  Very humbling, and a good sign that things are headed in the right direction.  Now, I consider what we have going on at the Bombay Bicycle Club about as near a “real” restaurant as we are planning on doing with Tacopocalypse.  We serve 6 days a week with set hours in a static location.  We have a menu , albeit a pretty DIY menu written on the backs of old show fliers.  This is more of a restaurant than I had planned on doing with this particular concept, which was originally meant to be a mobile only venture.  It is working out pretty well for not being in the master plan.

Another thing, we will be expanding the menu at the Bombay Bicycle Club as we go.  I figured instead of opening up with some elaborate menu that would add more headache to our already cray cray week (Cumming Tap and Farmers Market are enough to keep us more than occupied) that a small, concise menu of items that have already proven themselves would be a perfect introduction to the new Lover, and include some new takes on old favorites for you experienced Lovers.

Again, it is working pretty well.  We will be expanding the menu in the next month (probably after the RAGBRAI, as I will be riding again this year), with the testing grounds for new items coming every Friday during our FRIDAY LUNCH PARTY CELEBRATION.  You want to check out what we are working on?  Get to FLPC.

Anyhoo, thought I would clear the air around those questions.  I hope this was helpful, and remember Tacopocalypse is at Bombay Bicycle Club Monday through Saturday from 5 to 11, we open at 11 am Friday for the lunch party and the kitchen stays open straight through the day.  Why stop the party to reset for dinner?  That’s for amateurs.

Taco Pastorius.

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