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Monday Night Specials @ BBC!


Taco Lovers,

Earlier today I had hinted at the possibility of something special going on tonight at our home base AND AMAZINGLY THERE ACTUALLY IS SOMETHING SPECIAL, IT’S NOT MY NORMAL EMPTY RUSE. Rejoice. Here is what we have going on:

  • Curried Lengua Taco - Slow cooked curried beef tongue with a lime and cilantro “raita” sauce.  Is good.
  • The Huarache - a sandal shaped sopa topped with our house made refried pinto beans, slow cooked brisket, queso fresco, and slaw. Ask for it normal or SPICY.

That is what we have going on in addition to our normal BBC menu this lovely sweltering evening.  Not a bad night for some Ceviche…

Taco Pastorius

BTW, we will be doing a BURRITO SPECIAL this week.  They are going to be monsters, yo.

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