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Saturday I vs. I Game Day Farmers Market/BBC Menu Post Thingy


Taco Lovers

Tomorrow is a huge day for the state of Iowa.  And Iowa State.  Yep, the mega-rivalry betwixt our two largest universities, the Blackened/Goldened University Of Iowa and the Golden Crimsoned Iowa State University, go forth into battle with one another to settle the argument between their respective Alumni as to who is the winner, and who belongs in a trailer park.  No kidding, I read it on the internet.  So you are probably wondering how this rivalry came to be, and I happen to have a story about just that for you.


Fake history has it that the UI and ISU were once the same college, known singularly as the University Of Iowa State University, then a disagreement over some piddly thing grew to momentous size as it skittered down the side of Friendly Argument Mountain, landing with an earth-shattering thud at the base of the Mountain, known as “End Of A Good Friendship Foothills.” The single university broke into two separate entities, splitting the name right down the middle yet staying in the same city.  The arguments kept flaring up and the two decided that they should really put some geography between them, and that the only time they should really contact each other is for ONE football game of the year, a game that would settle whatever they were quarreling about that year until the NEXT year, when they would presumably have something different to war about.  Many years have passed and with the old arguments/differences forgotten, the only reason to hold the game now is just to see who wins and has bragging rights until the next game plops down in our laps.  So that is (not really) why all of you spend a week in September getting super worked up about…this.

One thing that goes hand in hand with cooler weather and football is FOOD, specifically TACOS.  We have some of those for you, and also a Breakfast Thing (that thing so aptly named that no one has thought of a different name by which to call it by), down at 2nd and Court Avenue tomorrow from 7am to Noon at a place known to the greater DSM area and FOOTBALL FANZZZ as the DOWNTOWN FARMERS MARKET.  What is on the menu?

the menu.

  • Braised Pork
  • Bacon Chorizo
  • Korean Chicken
  • Lengua de Res (Cow’s tongue slow cooked with peppers and some other stuff) That’s right, a bunch of you Taco Lovers have been requesting the return of the Tongue, and this week we are prepared to give you just that…the Tongue.  It’s a really good batch
  • Vegan Chorizo
  • Potato Poblano

That is what we have in store for you tomorrow morning.  AND THEN….

saturday afternoon we are broadcasting the big game on an enormous screen at the Bombay Bicycle Club and serving our full menu of taco, nachos, quesadilla, chile torreados, seafood stuffs, and more…even a “Banh Mi” burrito starting at about 1 pm.  So if you can’t make it to the market, you can come join us for amazing food stuffs and drink specials!!!!!!

So you have all day to enjoy our food. And yourselves.  And then….at the end…

We will all know what Iowa team rules the roost.

Taco Pastorius

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