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Saturday Farmers’ Market Menu Of Culinary Somethings

by locallygrown on 06/10/2011

Oh, yes!!!  It is time again for the Saturday Des Moines Downtown Farmers’ Market!  It seems like this happens quite often.  Almost weekly.  On Saturday.  So you are making your well laid plan of attack for your market trip in the morning and are wondering to yourself, “Self, I wonder what Tacopocalypse has for my/your belly tomorrow morning?”   We are glad you asked.  But we would have preferred to have the question directed towards us instead of yourself.  We will have to work on the communication breakdown…

Luckily we can read your self-addressing mind and here is your answer:

Menu for June 11, 2011

Yes, the usual hand pressed (and now improved thanks to your feedback) tortillas, Red Salsa, Tomatillo-Habanero salsa (the green one) and the usual onion, cilantro, and fresh jalapenos will be on hand.  In addition to these things we have some new stuff/items/culinary somethings…

First off we are bringing back our Breakfast Thing for its second week of future DTFM breakfast dominance.  This is not a breakfast burrito.  This is not a breakfast sandwich.  This is definitely not one of those doughnuts I have been hearing about but never have time to try, and NO, this is no papusa.  It’s just a Breakfast Thing, like a thing you eat at breakfast time as brought to you by your loyal taco chef and taste-ticular partner in dining crime, Me.

What is a BT?  It is two tortillas surrounding Chihauhau cheese then grilled and topped with your choice of meats/not meat, scrambled egg, special salsa, more cheese, and finely chopped spring garlic greens.  It is large and in charge, and you can get whatever you want on it.  You want some slaw? Done.  You want a mixture of Bacon chorizo AND vegan chorizo?  As you wish.  This is YOUR breakfast, you should have a say in what you have (which shouldn’t include cold flour tortillas, pre-cooked bacon, and packaged pre-whipped sort-of-egg product like other stands may use). So far 9 out of the 10 people who have tried it approve.  Come down and give your approval this week.  I don’t know how long this Thing will be around.

Next up is the new special taco, the BLT TACO.  The BLT Taco lays down some serious groove not unlike a young taco-shaped Bootsy Collins.  Inside the hand pressed corn tortilla you will find roasted hunks of charcoal grilled slab bacon, fresh Cleverley Farms Arugula, Roasted Tomato Compote, and a Roasted Poblano Crema tops it off.

Ok, so here it goes

  • Breakfast Thing
  • BLT taco
  • Pork Tongue
  • Braised Pork
  • Bacon Chorizo
  • Vegan Chorizo

That is your menu, I had some fun pictures and more whimsical quips but my home internet is being non-compliant to our co-opted work agreement.  We will see you tomorrow…. we WILL see you tomorrow… we WILL see YOU tomorrow… we WILL SEE YOU tomorrow…WE WILL SEE YOU


Unless you are reading this on Saturday.  The we will see you today.

Tacos Are Important,


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  1. I am sooo pumped right now.

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