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Sips In The City/DTFM Menu Post Pairing

by locallygrown on 06/17/2011


Taco Likers, you have so much taco liking to get down with this AND next week.  Tonight we are honored to be a part of the Des Moines Winefest event “Sips In The City” as a vendor of tiny tacos.   Those in attendance will be able to walk around with their plates and grab what was described by one “foodie” as a Taco Amuse Booooosh.  (That essentially equates to “bite size taco”)  Here is what we have in store:

  • Braised Pork with Curtido on a very tiny hand pressed tortilla
  • Vegan Chorizo with Curtido on equally miniscule tortillas
  • Barbacoa (Beef Cheeks) with a Coriander Pickled Red Onion/Jalapeno relish (yes, on very shmall tortillas also).

The event kicks off at 6pm in lovely Nollen Plaza and runs until 9pm.  Tonight.

Now for you weekly, albeit less wordy, DTFM* menu (*Down Town Farmers’ Market, Saturday mornings from 7 am to Noon at the South West corner of 2nd and Court Avenue)

  • Breakfast Thing is in its third week of Breakfast Thinging.  Corn Tortillas wrapped around melted Chihauhau cheese, topped with your choice of taco fillings, then scrambled Sparboe Farms eggs, more cheese, special salsa (or salsa especiale), and a sprinkle of Cleverley Farms Spring Garlic Greens.  Is Good.
  • Barbacoa, or Beef Cheeks.  Braised in cumin, lime, beer, and some other stuff.  Our cheeks are very pinch-able.   They will also, as at the Winefest event, be offered with the alternate slaw until it is gone.
  • BLT. The BLT is back for another run featuring a huge slab of roasted Niman Ranch Applewood Smoked Dry-Cured bacon along with Cleverley Farms Arugula, and Roasted Tomato.  Maybe a Roasted Poblano Crema, if I remember to bring it along.
  • Vegan Chorizo.  It is all Vegan, totally hand made, and fully legit.  You must try this stuff.  It will change your mind about what it means to eat Vegan.
  • Bacon Chorizo.  It is chorizo made from hand-minced Niman Ranch bacon.  Just Bacon.  If you like bacon, you need not hear more words.
  • Braised Pork Shoulder.  Like a long time employee wondering why they are suddenly listed at the bottom of the work schedule, our Pork Shoulder is still the great worker it has allways been, but the younger tacos need to be made to feel important, so they get the spot at the top of our menu.  This is the original filling of our original taco, only it is even better now (and my personal favorite).

There you have it.  Now excuse me while I go put some more water in Buck Nasty’s Momma’s Dish….


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