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Last DTFM Menu Of The Year!


Taco Lovers. Taco likers. Taco Trash Talkers. Tomorrow is the last DTFM.  If you have not been down to 2nd and Court yet to taco it up, tomorrow is your last chance (at the farmers market) for six months.  Those could be very long months for some of you who don’t make it to our other events.  Make tomorrow count.  You will be rewarded dearly by your taste receptor things.  You may want to know what flavors we will be serving.  So here is:

The Last DTFM Menu Of 2012

Our first taco is the winning result of our “Taco Likers Making Their Own Taco” contest.  This is a  lovely all-vegetarian taco inspired by our friend “L” who is evidently a fan of the band Phish.  She name it:

  • The Phish Taco: Roasted Baby Portabella mushrooms, garlic, a rainbow menagerie of peppers, Squash and Tomatoes from Cleverley Farms, and a little spice mix topped with a sweet, hot, smoky Terryaki-Adobo sauce.  It was suggested that this taco should be enjoyed while dancing wildly to Phish tunes clad in some sort of patchwork skirt or jeans.  Your call.  It will be delicious no matter how you dress to ingest.

  • Braised Pork:  We will be switching the name of this to just Carnitas sometime at the beginning of the year.  Even though it is better than carnitas.

  • Vegan Chorizo: It’s Vegan, It’s Chorizo.  We make it from scratch.

  • Wasabi Brisket: This has been in existence for a whopping week, and people have been going crazy for it.  Gingered Braised Brisket topped with Wasabi Crema and our slaw (no radish this week)

  • Chicken Bulgogi:  Chicken marinated in rice wine, a few different onions, garlic, and gochuchang (Korean pepper paste).  Topped with spicy Kimchi.  Say What?

  • Tofu Scramble: A hint of curry and cumin spices our tofu, fried up with mushrooms, onion, spinach, and summer squash.  One of our new favorites.

I think that is it.  Huh. I thought there was one more.  Maybe there will be.  We can only hope.

To all of you Lovers who have been there through our growing pains this season (it was our first year of operation and our first Market season), thank you so much.  Please come down and join us as we celebrate the taking back of our Saturday morning sleep schedules.

Likingly Yours,

Taco Pastorius

Want to know what we are doing or where we will be after this weekend?  Keep your internetular browsing devices pointed towards this web site/blog for constant updates and some fun food musings.

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  1. Chad permalink

    Even my mom liked the Wasabi Brisket!

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