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Tonight, Tonight, Tonight! Whoa-ooooo!


Sometimes when I stare closely at my Phil Collins album covers a vision pops out.  Mr. Collins’ hair line becomes the outline of a taco shell, his scalp becomes some kind of taco topping which covers his brains, the talented super song-writing-genius-multi-instrumentalist filling to a pop taco (and a one-time prog-taco, back in the day before Miami Vice).  Is this some demented vision from a man who has made one too many taco, or just some funny filler for you to read before you get a taste of what you will be getting a taste of tonight (tonight, tonight) at the Cumming Tap?  I wonder…

Last week we missed making it to the Tap on Tuesday due to some issues.  Those issues are no longer an issue, and we are looking at what may be one of our last really nice riding days for a while.  Make it down to see Sam and Bob tonight and this is what is in store for you:


  • Carnitas - our now famous-ish pork.

  • Vegan Chorizo - Eat it.  Is Good.,

  • Chicken Bulgogi - Chicken in a Korean Marinade served with Kimchi.

  • Tofu Scramble - It’s the bomb. A Cruelty-Free bomb.

  • The World Premier of our new 187 Sauce!  We have been working on this stuff for a while, months.  A smoky, spicy, thick, chunky hot sauce that adds just the right burn to your taco.  Very excited to finally have this out for the Taco Loving Public.

The usual slaw, hand pressed torts, and salsas will be on hand for your eating pleasure.  Come share your best CX or Halloween party stories with us and enjoy the return of your favorite tacos to the most amazing bar south of the Raccoon, the Cumming Tap!  Party starts at 5, and we promise…no Phil Collins were harmed during the making of these tacos.  But, Seriously…

Taco Pastorius.

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