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New Menu At Bombay Bicycle Club Starts Tonight!!!!



Tonight marks a number of changes in our operation out at the Bombay Bicycle club, we are introducing some new menu items and adjusting our hours a bit.  First the hours, as of tonight we will begin serving at 4 pm instead of 5pm and ending at 10pm instead of 11pm. Can we be coaxed into serving later? Yes, if there are busy shows we will be more than happy to stay a little late to provide good eats to those out enjoying the nightlife.  Let us recap this section:

Our new hours of operation inside Bombay Bicycle Club are 4pm until 10pm.  FRIDAY LUNCH PARTY is still on and we will be serving our lunch items from 11 am until 4pm, there are also happy hour drink specials all through lunch and $1 draft beers.  Great reason to take a half day!

Now, about our new menu.  At some point today I will be posting an actual copy of the new menu here for your perusal, something that should have happened yesterday.  We have been experiencing some technical difficulties which has delayed our printing a smudge.  BUT THIS WILL NOT SLOW DOWN THE LAUNCH OF THE NEW MENU TONIGHT. HERE IS WHAT YOU HAVE TO LOOK FORWARD TO;

New Taco Flavors

  • Bul go gi - Beef in a Korean style barbecue marinate topped with Kimchi
  • Lemongrass Pork - Formerly known as Vietnamese Pork, this is a slow cooked dish with lemongrass and a hint of fish sauce. Topped with spicy mayo and slaw
  • Chorizo Verde - A green chorizo made from Crooked Gap Farms ground pork, roasted poblano peppers, cilantro, and a few other locally grown veggies.
  • Chili-Mirin Shrimp - Sauteed Shrimp in a glaze of pepper paste and Japanese rice wine, served with a Tamarind Aoli and Spicy Slaw
  • Seasonal Vegetable Taco - This is a “chef’s choice” Taco made with fresh seasonal vegetables and a corresponding sauce, depending on the ingredients.  All Vegan, too.

And we still have all of the previous flavors:

  • Braised Pork
  • Vegan Chorizo
  • Wasabi Brisket
  • Korean Chicken
  • Bacon Chorizo
  • Seared Ahi Tuna
  • Tilapia
  • Potato Poblano - Although we have made a new “white girl sauce” that is all Vegan. Now Vegans don’t have to worry about the sauce and can taste this one as it was meant to be.

We will also be running some new experimental flavors.  ALSO, some of the new flavors will be staying ONLY at BBC. If you want them, you have to travel north a notch.

What else do we have?

  • Quesadilla - Huge flour tortillas wrapped around melted chihuahua cheese and your choice of  Braised Pork, Bacon Chorizo, Korean Chicken, Wasabi Brisket, or Lemongrass Pork with some slaw and sour cream on the side
  • VEGAN Quesadilla - Flour tortilla with melted Daiya vegan “cheese” and your choice of Vegan Chorizo, Potato Poblano, Kimchi, or Seasonal Vegetables
  • Nachos - We have come up with a smoother version of our smoky queso and will be offering all of our popular toppings. (Vegans, we are a week or two away from VEGAN NACHOS. We will keep you posted)
  • Friday Lunch Specials - Ensaladapocalypse (our version of the taco salad), the Burrito Especiale (a different Burrito every week), and, for now, Viernes Sopa (Friday Soup) something seasonal and local and all that buzz word stuff.
  • Chiles Torreados - Deep Fried whole Jalapeno peppers served with a bacon crema. It’s like a “deconstructed popper,” but we actually don’t like using that term.

We also have something in store for you Lovers that like eating things that don’t make a whole lot of sense to eat (aka EATING CHALLENGE FOOD), it’s called the TACODILLA, and it is a double quesadilla used as a taco shell and has a little bit of everything inside. It was slated to appear around the Iowa State Fair, but we didn’t want to distract anyone from any of the other bad idea/awesome idea foods going around during that time.

So there you have it, the new things you have to look forward to are here. Now all you have to do is show up between 4 and 10 for the goodness.

Ain’t nothing like a taco party.

Taco Pastorius.

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