We made some updates and stuff.

We added some new info on our site! You wanna know what’s up? Check it out!

Taco Pastorius

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2 thoughts on “We made some updates and stuff.

  1. Someday we may give you a try, though we once tried unsuccessfully to find you. A friend showed me your postcard-sized blurb. It desperately needs proofreading, could use redesign, and never quite comes out and says where Tacopocalypse can be found. Perhaps.the hunt is part of the experience, or you really don’t want customers.

    • James,

      Thank you for your thoughtful input. Those post card things are terrible, I know, and aren’t up to even third grade standards. New cards are in the works.

      The cards DO state the address of our business, 8410 Hickman, Clive, IA quite clearly. The confusion may lie in the fact that we are located within The Point, a bar that houses out kitchen space.

      This web site (the one on which you left your comment) has a few tabs at the top of the page, one being “Where Is Tacopocalypse?” And if you click that link there is a detailed explanation of where we are located, and even a picture of the front of the building.

      As far as whether or not we want customers, yes, we do want customers. We have a good amount, but could always use more. If you would like to be within those ranks you now have sufficient information with which to use to find your way to the best tacos in Des Moines.

      We appreciate your feedback! Thank you!

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